Joe Paterno – fired tonight

My “dad” has been fired and it’s a heartbreaking moment for me. Joe Paterno could very easily be my own dad’s brother or my dad, himself – they look that much alike. And because of that, Joe has always had a place in my heart,, as has Penn State.

Joe should’ve taken more aggressive action regarding this alleged scandal. Even he agreed with that in his resignation letter today. Morally, he was bereft. Within the letter of the law, he did what he was supposed to do. But it’s the moral question that did him in.  He should have done the more right thing and reported these allegations.

It’s heartbreaking to see his career end this way: the winningest coach in college football to lose his job under these circumstances.  And by phone.

As ESPN said tonight  – this is the ultimate fall from grace for one of the greatest college football coaches in American history.


3 responses to “Joe Paterno – fired tonight

  • shoe carnival

    His assistant coach and a janitor told him the gay pedophile ex-coach was buttraping a 10 year old in the PSU showers and he did the bare minimum which was tell the school official when he should have gone to the police!

    Because of his inaction and “passing the buck”, 20 more kids were buttraped by his best friend!!!!!



    His mistake was that he didn’t make sure that his report was pursued to the limits of the law.
    Jim Tressel, ex-coach of the Ohio State Buckeyes suffered the same fate last year, by hiding facts that could eliminate ‘star’ players on the team for involving themselves in practices that were expressly prohibited by the NCAA.
    Tressel didn’t report it, Paterno did, but didn’t follow through.
    Harsh treatment at that level, I don’t think so.
    Jim and Joe should have known better.
    There is a certain point at which winning is not everything.

    • roxannadanna

      You are completely right!

      You know VET, I read the grand jury indictment and it’s sickening. And I was very glad to hear last night that McGuery will NOT be on the sidelines. He had as much of a moral obligation as Paterno did to report this to the police. He SAW it happening, in the shower! And he should have reported this to the cops before he did anything else. Paterno should have done the same thing.

      Shame on them all for keeping this a secret and damaging the lives of so many little boys.

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