Rosie the Terrorist – great photoshopping job

From PoliticalForum posting by BestViewedWithCable


2 responses to “Rosie the Terrorist – great photoshopping job

  • righthook38

    Ok, that picture is so wrong, but so funny! And very disgusting.

    I actually found her pleasant until she “came out”. All of a sudden, she got very in-your-face about things and became very political, and that was it for me.

  • Freedom, by the way

    I forced myself to watch her 1st show on Oprah’s channel, just to see if she could behave herself. It was a Yawn. (I was never a fan of Oprah’s show–I find that format boring). The only decent role she ever did was the voice of the ape in the Disney cartoon, Tarzan.

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