What happens here – stays here. No snitchin’.

There’s dissension in the cooking ranks and it sounds like some unreported crimes taking place in the NYC Wall St. squatters “community.”

In an attempt to control the negative PR coming out of these “demonstrations”, they are keeping questionable activities quiet and the cooks are revolting against having to feed “professional homeless and derelicts.”

Where are all those compassionate hearts on the left?


3 responses to “What happens here – stays here. No snitchin’.


    If I may expound on this recent development,…….


    I wonder if they all will play Halloween this year ?
    Oh wait, Trick or Treat,…they already are.

    I hear the stench is horrible.
    Animals !

  • Freedom, by the way

    Let them eat cake!

  • righthook38

    Love it. It didn’t take long for their true colors to shine through, did it? The American people aren’t buying any of this, despite what the media and WH administration might lead us to believe. If the liberal politicians were smart (haha), they would distance themselves from this whole scene. It’s going to bite them in the butt come election day..

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