Where have we gone so wrong?

“It pains me to think that at a school that emphasizes thinking globally we would institute something that makes our children think that this country alone is where their allegiance lies,” said [Haley] Sides. “This has no educational value for young children. Absolutely none.”

This quote is from an AF vet. She is distressed that the pledge is being said daily in her daughter’s public school, as per state law. I have 2 questions: why does this bother people so much and where have we gone wrong as a nation?

At my daughter’s school (where she teaches 2nd grade) they say the pledge every morning.  She teaches in a school that has a large Mexican-American population and she teaches ELL (English language learners.)  These parents have chosen to make America their new home and to raise their children here.

Haley Sides, apparently wants her daughter to be a citizen of the world and not of America. If that’s the case then she and her daughter need to renounce their citizenship to the United States and find a new homeland.

The pledge in school should not be an issue.

12 responses to “Where have we gone so wrong?

  • Retired Vet

    As a recent AF retiree of 26 yrs, I am completely embarassed and ashamed to be associated with this individual that was allowed to be a part of our nation’s Air Force. She did not deserve that opportunity. It is a total shame when those that wear the uniform are not proud of being an American. That means you support and promote the National Anthem and our sacred pledge.
    What a disgrace.

    • roxannadanna

      I was heartbroken when I read this story. My brother was career AF. I’ll never understand how this woman took such a wrong turn.

      Hope you post here again. Thanks.

  • nooneofanyimport

    That’s why I ended up conservative, you know. All the dreadful Pledge of Allegiance reciting of my youth totally brainwashed me.

  • roblorinov

    Where have we gone so wrong? Roxie, frankly, we should have nipped all the Marxist anti-American rhetoric in the rear before it got started decades ago. I know…”free speech.” Well yeah until you start advocating the overthrow of our nation. That’s not free speech, that is treason! Frankly, I am sick of this “citizen of the world” crap! No such thing!! As the radical Muslim if he is a “citizen of the world” and see what kind of answer you get. I think the problem is Americans have taken too many drugs, legal and illegal, and the minds are now gone.

    There used to be a strong sense of allegiance and patriotism in this nation but that is all now dead thanks to our teachers and college professors who have pushed the “wonders” of the Marxist utopia which is a myth and never will be or can be a reality. So now we have generations under the illusion that America is bad and Marxism is good even though few have ever had to live under Marxism. I think now every American should be forced to life under a Marxist system (both economic and political) so they can see for themselves how wonderful it is not! And as for these “citizens of the world” why don’t they get out of America and go somewhere else? Traitors!!

    Fact is what we are witnessing right now, today, in our nation is a Marxist victory and patriotic defeat! The global communists have now succeeded by brainwashing our youth into thinking Marxism is the answer and everything about and in America is bad and evil. Truth is it is the other way around!! I must question just how stupid we are as a nation and people now. Obviously we can no longer recognize truth because we have no critical thought or common sense. Hey, but hold on citizens of the world, Marxist communism IS soon coming in full force to America along with all it’s abuses, oppression, and tyranny and I’m sure it will be the college Marxists and “citizens of the world” that will scream first. Oh wait, no they won’t be the first to scream because the Marxist will kill them right off the bat just like Pol Pot, Lenin, and Mao did.

  • Conservatives on Fire

    I grew up in the 50’s, Roxy, and I, for the life of me, can not understand this attitude. America is not our government at any given point in time. America is the ideal described in the Declaration of Independence and our Constitution. We have drifted very far from what our Founders intended for us.


    Here is a must read for you Roxy.
    This is a comprehensive summary of the administration’s naked disregard for the congress, and for that matter, the Constitution.
    Obama has at this count 45 czars, with a potential of 18 more.
    This is a big file, but well worth reading.

    Click to access czar-report-09152011.pdf

    One more year Roxy,…one more year.
    IMO, this file should be on every conservative blog out there.

    • roxannadanna

      I’ve worked my way through 2/3 of that link and it’s really eye-opening. I recommend that everyone read it.

      Astounding, Ron. Really astounding.

  • Freedom, by the way

    I am with you 100%, Roxie. The global elite is trying to erase national allegiance worldwide. The US is the biggest hurdle for them and while we sleep they indoctrinate our young.

  • loopyloo305

    By a concerted effort to diminish America in the eyes of our cititzens, as Barack Obama is evidence of, removing faith from our schools, teaching the disrespect of others, ie music videos, tv, games for the xbox and others. All these lead to both a diminished value on life as well as property and appreciation for what you have in life. The increased dependency on the state and diminished responsibility for self enforce the opinion that you are owed everything and if you don’t get everything what you are getting is worth less. That makes where you live worth less to you, because you have nothing vested in it. Even those who do serve, if they go in with that attitude, usually don’t change it much!

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