Big Sloth occupiers on Wall St – Mark Steyn

If you don’t like to think of [Steve] Jobs as a corporate exec (and a famously demanding one at that), think of him as a guy who went to work, and worked hard. There’s no appetite for that among those “occupying” Zuccotti Park. In the old days, the tribunes of the masses demanded an honest wage for honest work. Today, the tribunes of America’s leisured varsity class demand a world that puts “people before profits.”

If the specifics of their “program” are somewhat contradictory, the general vibe is consistent: They wish to enjoy an advanced western lifestyle without earning an advanced western living. The pampered, elderly children of a fin de civilization over-developed world, they appear to regard life as an unending vacation whose bill never comes due. Mark Steyn

4 responses to “Big Sloth occupiers on Wall St – Mark Steyn

  • righthook38

    So true. They aren’t looking for jobs, are they? I haven’t heard that at all. I just hear “no responsibility” in everything they do and say. They want all debts forgiven for everyone? Yeah, that’s gonna happen. There are reports of drug use throughout these protests. They’ve had hundreds of arrests, and no clear goal or objective. Yet, they’re being hailed by members of Congress, such as Pelosi, and by race baiters like Sharpton and Smiley. Pathetic…

    • roxannadanna

      what’s happening there is pretty crappy – lots of drugs and sex, according to the UK Mail today. I guess the only place to get any real news now is from unbelievablly the UK. LOL

      If you get a chance, read the story at Drudge. We are the laughing stock – once again – of the world.

  • Jordan

    You might want to check your rhetoric.

    Steve Jobs wrote a wonderful editorial on his support of the movement, days before he died.

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