I’ll take a Mormon any day over a Black Theology President

I’m not sure I’m a Romney fan and it has nothing at all to do with his faith. But if his religion is going to be an issue, then were was all the vetting about Obama’s 20 years of  pew sitting in the Black Theology church?

There is no comparison between the anti-American movement in Rev. Wright’s church and the LDS faith of Romney.  The Mormons are pro-America and pro-family and pro-community. Wright’s church is anti-every single thing that IS America. No one questioned this (aside from Hannity and a few others on the right) when Obama was running for office. No one took issue with this unAmerican theology that he listened to for 20 years.

I’d rather have a Mormon in office any day, over what we have now. I can count on one hand the number of times that Obama has been to church since he took office. And polls show that there are still a number of people who don’t know WHAT this president really believes in – aside from communism.  At least there is no question about Romney.


One response to “I’ll take a Mormon any day over a Black Theology President

  • righthook38

    I’m sure this question is coming up again, more as a distraction from real issues than a big concern over Romney’s religion. I can’t imagine there are any Republicans who don’t know this about him. I’m not crazy about Romney, but it has nothing to do with his religion. And I’d take him a million times over Obama….no question. Like Levin said, I’d vote for an orange juice can over Obama.

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