Class Warfare by Victor Davis Hanson

The battleground of class warfare has moved from the streets of yesteryear to the TV studio green room, the golf links or the seaside hotel retreat. And when we really do see street violence — looting in Britain or flash-mobbing in America — angry youths usually target high-end electronics stores and fashion outlets, not food markets or bookstores. They organize on social networks from their laptops and cell phones, not from soup kitchens, bread lines or dank basements. Victor Davis Hanson


9 responses to “Class Warfare by Victor Davis Hanson

  • bunkerville

    He has no where else to go but class warfare. This should end the Independent support for the most part. Let us hope victory is ours.

    • roxannadanna

      Dick Morris is of the mind that Obama will not run again – after January. They might be considering Clinton and that could really energize the dems. I sure hope not though.

      • AFVET

        I saw that too.
        Obama is becoming toxic to the dems that want to run for re-election.
        There are 21 in the senate that are vulnerable.
        We can take the majority and that’s what their afraid of.
        If we do, Reid would be relegated to the back bench.
        Hope and change has taken on a whole new meaning.


    After listening to both Biden and Obama recently promoting the union philosophies they are indeed intent on dividing this country.
    At this point, after hearing their rhetoric, it should be obvious by now of their direction, and the direction they intend to take this country in.
    I don’t think the majority of this country is ready to submit to this POTUS, his czars, or the liberals in congress that are intent on ramming their policies down our throats.

    On another note, two groups of people are allowed to engage in insider trading legally.
    1.floor traders.

    As per the Glenn Beck radio program.

    Kinda makes you wonder how they can draw 170K a year, and come out a millionaire now doesn’t it ?

    Check your e-mail Roxy, Cheers has a new password.

  • loopyloo305

    The man that the left told us would bring the world together is instead the greatest divider in many, many years.

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