You are now complicit in the murder of a US border agent

How do you feel about that? Our tax dollars paid for these guns to walk over the border and then used in murders, most specifically the murder of border agent Brian Terry.

There will be a special prosecutor and Holder will be gone – either by his own resignation (to protect TheOne) or TheOne will throw him under the bus. But Holder is the worst AG in my memory and he has to be held accountable. This is his department and they are his underlings.

The whole plan here was to discredit 2nd Amendment supporters. Does anyone remember Mrs. Brady’s comment after meeting with TheOne? To paraphrase Mrs. Brady (whose husband James Brady was severely wounded in the Reagan assassination attempt) Obama told her that “we’re going to change these laws but it’s slow going and we’re working UNDER THE RADAR.”

The only  thing they’ve accomplished is shaming and disgracing our nation.

7 responses to “You are now complicit in the murder of a US border agent

  • roblorinov

    I just posted this morning on a report from CBS News regarding this farce. They now have documents given to them that prove Holder knew about the whole operation! Of course he did and so did BO! The purpose was so they could say “Look at all these American guns in Mexico” then fan the flames and take guns away from Americans!!

  • samhenry

    The bothersome thing about Gov. Christie is that he is for more gun control.

    Under the radar my as..

  • roblorinov

    I’ve been following this story since day one on my blog because it hits close to home. The entire affair is disgusting! Yes I remember Obama’s remarks to Brady telling her that his administration was working under the radar when it comes to gun control. This operation was exactly what he was referring to IMO. He and Holder knew all about it. Somewhere between 1000-2000 guns (assault rifles) were funneled into Mexico and into the hands of the drug cartels supplied by none other than the US government! 2-3 of these guns showed up at the scene where Terry was killed and the investigation into his kiling has been dragging along slower than a snail. Now we know why. They were trying to CYA’s. Of course this was all disigned so that our 2nd Amendment rights could be eliminated or at least great curtailed. Marxists don’t like it when the people have guns. Only when they themselves do so they can use them against us!

    I agree with Freedom. The entire crowd in the Obama administration needs to go beginning with Obama himself. And let’s not stop there. The entire Congress needs to go to! Time to start over!! Absolutely, it this were a Republican admin everyone would be screaming impeachment but Obama gets a pass because he’s full fledged Marxist Leftist.

    Bascially what this boils down to is Obama playing politics with guns and the Mexican drug cartels. What was actually accomplished is the administration ensuring those cartels are now well armed and they are thanks to BO. These guns have been showing up in all kinds of murders on BOTH sides of the border.

    Rep Issa and his committee looking into all of this need to appoint a special prosecutor and go after the people behind this treason. No one is above the law and that includes Barak Obama and Erik Holder! Time to ENFORCE the CONSTITUTION!!

  • Freedom, by the way

    The impeachable offenses have been mounting for three years. At this point, let’s just boot him out with landslide. Holder, Geitner, the whole crew are NOT doing their jobs.

  • Conservatives on Fire

    Right on, Roxy. Holder has to pay and I still want know what Obama knew and when did he know it. This is a horrific tragedy that happened for political reasons, Disgraceful!

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