The joke that is AttackWatch!

Revenge of the parody!

You knew it was gonna happen and this one is just the beginning, I bet.



8 responses to “The joke that is AttackWatch!

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  • bydesign001

    Totally excellent post, Roxy. I opened the email and the first thing I saw was “The joke that is AttackWatch!”

    I laughed so hard that I know I woke up my neighbors in the apartments above and below me.

    You said it Roxy, this is such a joke. Of course, Progressives must be stewing in their pots because they have no sense of humor and even less when they asked for it.

    LOVE IT!!!


    • roxannadanna

      Thanks D. These guys (marxists) really are scary and humorless people. This kind of thing is meant to chill free speech and I have to wonder how many people are afraid, now.

      There’s a lot to find funny in this but underneath it, I think there is some fear as we have never been so close (and we’ve had it 3 times now from the regime) to losing our right to speak our minds.

  • cali

    This is the difference between the left and the right-the left is humorless, paranoid, always suspicious etcc.
    We on right have a great sense of humor, happy, looking for the best in people etc…
    No wonder Barry had to come up with the modern day Nazi Gestapo design to snitch out your neighbors and friends, so they can be harrassed.

    • roxannadanna

      This is so true, cali. I’ve never been around such dour people, no sense of humor at all!

      But this AttackWatch site that his campaign has come out with has become nothing but a joke to all. And the sinister-ness of it is horrible.

      Image if this had been a Republican president doing this…

    • bydesign001

      I am sure that the paronoia that came with the creation of this site has heightened one hundred fold and deservedly so.



    Intelligent people are always amused at floundering attempts of the pseudo intellectuals that fear us.
    Nice post Roxy. 🙂

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