Read her lips – “all this for a flag?”

And his smirky response isn’t much better.

I honestly can’t see how this can be understood any other way. She’s mocking those who are folding the flag, as if this is the first time she’s ever seen this protocol. Well, maybe it is.

7 responses to “Read her lips – “all this for a flag?”

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  • nooneofanyimport

    how did you find this?

    It doesn’t even matter what she is saying, to be honest. This is during a very solemn ceremony, and she is not giving it the proper respect, chatting so nonchalantly and rolling her eyes like she’s dissing a neighbor’s flippin’ short skirt or something.

    what. a. disgrace.

  • bydesign001

    Great minds think alike Roxy, I just posted this as well a few moments ago. She hates the country so much that she should do us all a favor, both Michelle and Barack, and leave. Just take their sorry a**** back to Chicago.


    This is disgusting.
    It is a sign of honor for the flag to be folded in the manner it is.
    A folded flag was presented to my Mother when Dad was buried as a Veteran of WWII.

    Michelle Obama is an abomination.
    An ignorant impatient Marxist that is being held back from her desires for the country SHE WANTS by the spirit of the American People.
    And also by a husband that doesn’t have the intelligence to make her happy.
    Damn, if I (Michelle) were only president !

  • roxannadanna

    Yes. Let’s make this one viral, okay?

  • cali

    These two do NOT deserve to represent America; their disdain or hate is obvious to all of us who do not use rose-colored glasses to see what these two grifters are all about.

  • righthook38

    I don’t know which one disgusts me more….

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