Ron Paul proves himself a nutcase in another presidential run

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11 responses to “Ron Paul proves himself a nutcase in another presidential run

  • samhenry

    Roxi I really don’t believe Ron Paul thinks Bin Laden is or was a terrorist. He is giving reasons Osama himself for the attack. Actually Osama Bin Laden was explicit in saying one reason we were attacked is because of our military bases in the region. They want us out of there altogether. It is all about what the Arab spring is about – self-determination but this, of course is the wrong way to go about declaring your freedom.

    RP is, therefore, in no way assessing why he thinks we were attacked for such and such a reason. He is simply reporting Osama Bin Laden’s own words. see for a list of reasons Osama gave,

    Is Bin Laden right? Of course no. But we do have military bases in the holy land].

    What Paul is saying is that Bin Laden had motives for the attack and these are what they are. Bin Laden’s thesis is that America Invited attack because of its policies.

    We have bases to protect our oil supply, etc but most of all, I do not want to support Bin Laden’s assessment of what is wrong with America any more than Ron Paul does. He is simply saying these are Bin Laden’s reasons.

    This is my reading of what Ron Paul said. I readily admit I’m a bit nutty myself. I think Ron Paul is eccentric and aging. He is a character. But i don’t think that he has said that he supports Laden’s policie.

    • samhenry

      Correction to first sentence Bin Laden is a terrorist And I can’t see anywhere where Paul said he was not. If you find it the my argument fizzles.

      • roxannadanna

        Thanks SH and I know exactly what he’s saying. And this kind of apologetic, appeasement rhetoric is what sunk his campaign the last time. Do you remember his face off with Guilliani? I do.

        The Saudis have invited us to their country and if they want us out, all they have to do is say so.

        You and I (like Steve and I regarding his 9/11 conspiracy thing) will have to agree to disagree on Paul. As far as I’m concerned, he’s a nut.

        • samhenry

          I respect your views. He will never be President because he cannot present things well and I agree with you on some points.

          I really don’t like the field right now. Generally in America – we have no real statesmen left. And there might have been many if the cost of running were not so great. We are losing it, I fear., hugs and understanding.

          • roxannadanna

            Ron Paul is like that co-worker many of us have had. Just when I think “okay, I can like this guy, a little bit” he says something that just blows me totally away and leaves me wondering how I can be so foolish again.

            We agree on this:
            we have no real statesmen left. And there might have been many if the cost of running [and not just financially – look at what they’ve done to Palin and what they are doing to Bachmann] were not so great. We are losing it, I fear., hugs and understanding.

  • Freedom, by the way

    Ron Paul is an enigma. On fiscal policy, on smaller government, on constituionality of domestic issues he’s pretty much on target. But then when he starts talking about foreign policy–he flys way out there in the stratosphere of the unbelievable and shoots his chances of being taken seriously (much less elected) in the foot. How can someone who understands so much about some things be so Whacko on the issue of the Middle East/terrorists?

  • blogsense-by-barb

    blogsense-by-barb reblogged this from blogsense-by-barb and commented:

    Can’t support anyone who supports the Palestinian state notion!

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  • blogsense-by-barb

    YES! I hope others saw and heard him deny reality and vocalize support for Palestinian interests! It sounded like a slip of the tongue, too! Love Santorum, but not sure he has a real shot!

  • aaronwd

    I doubt the author has read the 9/11 comission report and it’s stance on blowback.

    Read the report, inform yourself of the dangers of our occupation and meddlesome policies, prior to and after 9/11.

    It basically incites resentment toward us giving violent people incentive to do us harm.

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