Frank Luntz’ Words that Work at work with the Socialists in power

Recognizing the unpopularity of the 2009 [stimulus] package, however, Democratic leaders have revised their message with less loaded language–“job creation” instead of “[CENSORED]” and “Make it in America” in lieu of “Recovery Act”–in hopes of tackling the jobs crisis.  James Taranto/WSJ

The “[CENSORED]” word is stimulus.  Do read the whole column. It’s very interesting and in fact, email it to friends and family. They need to read exactly what the Obama regime and his minions in Congress are trying to do to us, because we are obviously too stupid to really know what they are up to.

Just like it is no longer TAX, it’s now REVENUE, Pelosi and company have changed the words, to hide the meaning.  Just change the word(ing) and they can pull the wool over our eyes.

uh huh.  Are you fooled? Are you still fooled?

If so, then you ARE a fool!

8 responses to “Frank Luntz’ Words that Work at work with the Socialists in power

  • Cry and Howl

    Obama’s speech was nothing but talk. I watched it on Youtube this morning. It’s amazing the number of “fooled” people if you read the comments under the videos. I can’t understand how anyone could believe a word Obama says.

  • bunkerville

    It is now the “Government Family” that will help us out. Janet trotted it out last week,

  • bydesign001

    This is also the first time we’ve ever heard a rebuttal from the opposite party cast as a show of respect to the president. We suppose one might plausibly understand it that way, but it seems to us that Pelosi and other Obama supporters don’t do the president any favors by constantly complaining about imagined slights. It makes him look as if he has some sort of special need for deference–or, to put it bluntly, as if he’s weak.

    Tonight will be just another dog and pony show and frankly, I am done with them and the left.

    A stimulus by any other name is a stimulus and the same goes for tax increases.

    That being said a thug by any other name is still a Progressive.

  • Freedom, by the way

    Sickening, isn’t it? I was just putting some notes together on this topic, as well. It’s not just PC, or maybe it is. It’s Politically Corrupt.

  • cali

    If the lefts ideology were so robust, and beneficial to the american public, they would not have to need to not only lie, but also disguise the meaning of ‘taxes into spending’. One does not correlate with the other.

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