Sarah Palin – Always Proud

Good morning, one and all.

I really love Sarah Palin’s “morning in America” theme. She’s got it!

6 responses to “Sarah Palin – Always Proud

  • Freedom, by the way

    America is a better place with Sarah Palin in it. Whether she’s in office or not.


    Bachmann/Palin would be a strong ticket.
    They would have to put their egos aside and work together.
    Bachmann knows the congress, and Palin has been both Mayor and Governor.

    The wealth of experience these two women have is formidable.
    The fact that they are both Christians, not opposed to guns, and willing to take on anybody for their views on anything pertaining to this Country could be an unstoppable alliance.

    Maybe they will join forces, maybe not.
    We shall see.

    BTW cali, I agree, they are both easy on the eyes.

    Great Post Roxy !

  • Conservatives on Fire

    She is a WINNER, Roxy. I don’t understand why more conservatives don’t see it.

  • bunkerville

    Ah, yes…let us not forget us “little people”… the ones who feed, clothe, and transport the so called Progressives. Who without us, would wither and die within a week without our services.

  • cali

    Sarah Palin is Ronald Reagan in heels. She is what we need at this hour; someone with integrity, honesty, love for country, and most of all knowing what works and what doesn’t. Let’s hope, she runs, because if she does-she’ll get my vote!

    (By the way, conservative women are the most attractive ones!)

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