I’ve learned a new thing today

It’s amazing to me how many people confuse conservative with Republican.  In their minds, they just combine them to be the same thing.

They confuse Republican with TEA party and with conservative, all the time. And they think they know what TEA partiers stand for – like you can put people in a box. Liberals don’t want to be boxed into one kind of thinking but they are real quick to decide that all conservatives are Republican and/or TEA partiers.

One poster wrote that there are more Democrats than Republicans in this country to argue that I was wrong when I said that most of America is center right.  This is not the same argument.  He’s talking political parties when I was talking ideology. There is no comparison in those stats.  There are millions of Americans who claim to be Democrats but when polled on ideology, are more conservative and the reverse is it true, too.

We are not all the same in this country and we all don’t think and feel the same way about issues. There is no one-size-fits-almost-all candidate. You pick the candidate who is closest to your core values but there is never one perfect candidate. And some are more imperfect than others.

And some might not happen to be Republican.  Although looking for a conservative Democrat, so far, is like looking for a unicorn.





5 responses to “I’ve learned a new thing today

  • Conservatives on Fire

    We are conservatives. The Republican Party is merely a vehicle we use to promote our preferred candidates.


    Excellent post Roxy !
    My wife is a registered Democrat, but her ideology is strictly conservative.
    I am a registered Republican, and you know that I am a conservative.

    Your post is very valuable in these times.
    Party’s and ideologies aside, we need to pay attention to the future of this Country.
    It is much more important than the current election, and the sniping backtalk that we will hear in the coming months.
    The incessant effort of the left to run America into the ground should be obvious by now to anybody that is supportive of the future of America.
    If it is not, one’s IQ should be placed in question.
    However, one’s IQ does not prevent them from voting.

    Gird tour loins my friend,….it’s gonna get nasty.
    Nice to have you on the Front Lines.

    • roxannadanna

      Oh Ron, thanks! it always means so much when you come cheer me on!

      It took me some years to finally – and I mean this – grow up and realize that idealism wasn’t going to help me pay my bills or protect my children. It was time to be responsible, respectful and realistic – the 3 R’s that I think are most important in living a good productive life. And when that happened, it was a slow, steady move to the right.

  • roxannadanna

    Me too, Cali.

    I’m a hardcore conservative. Age, experience and children have had a lot to do with my migration from being a stupid, dewy-eyed democrat to be a realistic republican.

    I guess in short, I grew up. LOL

  • cali

    You are so right! To be honest, I do not want to be lumped in with the Republicans; rather I’m conservative by nature.

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