This is worth seeing – again.

I think, and I know in my case, that all it took was for a plumber to ask one question during the last presidential campaign, for it to be clear to many of us that we had a communist, in the guise of the democrat party, running for president. (Spread the wealth around a little, anyone???)

I keep asking myself if he thinks Pelosi needs to spread her $62+ million around. After all he has said that there’s a point when everyone has made enough money:

This Whittle video is worth a watch again to remind us all that this man is and has always been a socialist. For cryin’ out loud, the man admits to being a Marxist in his book! Most of his cabinet are self-avowed socialists or Marxists — Anita Dunn, her husband Bill Bauer (remember him? the author of the what became known as OBAMACARE while Bill was in JAIL?)  or Van Jones ring a bell???

Whittle explains the messaging behind the Obama branding:

6 responses to “This is worth seeing – again.

  • bydesign001

    Truer words were never spoken Roxy. In 2006, a former co-worker called me at home and asked if I could get behind a Black politician running for President. I asked who it is and she told me Barack Obama. By the grace of God, I knew of this idiot and I told her no.

    In 2008 many of my neighbors and a few family members (Black Americans) around my age felt the same way but at the last minute they changed their views. A few even asked me why I still held my NoObama ground. The first thing I did was tell them of all the Marxist books this man was carrying around with him as he jetted across the country.

    If we knew nothing else about this man, the discussion with Joe the Plumber and those books should have been the first warning. Everyone missed it.

    Great post my friend.


    Well done Roxy.
    Obama told the people that were listening exactly what he was going to do to this Country, and so did Michelle Obama.
    The intelligent people saw through him, the ignorant voted for him because he promised everything they wanted.
    Now the Country is in debt up to it’s eyeballs and the left wing wackos want even more and are disappointed in Barry’s performance to date.
    The next election will be determined by the intelligence of the voter.
    God help us if the IQ of the populace hasn’t improved by that time.

    • Cry and Howl

      Good job Roxy and good comment AFVET. Obama could have said “I’m going to burn this nation to the ground” … and the same ignorant folks would have cheered him on. His message of “change” was always clear. At least to us. The ones that felt/feel the United States owes them something took it as “this is pay back, and I’m gettin’ mine!” Little do they know, we’re all in the same boat. When America falls, we all fall with her.

      • roxannadanna

        You guys are both right. He’s been up front – by the people he’s appointed to his cabinet, the czars and to the Supreme Court – about his vision for America. Anyone paying attention has to see that this man’s ideology is antithetical to everything that has made America great.

        His goal is to destroy what we’ve had for over 200 years.

  • Righthook

    Very interesting video. Thanks for sharing!

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