In case you’re not depressed yet – read Mark Steyn

If you have not read his latest column – here it is: Mark Steyn



2 responses to “In case you’re not depressed yet – read Mark Steyn

  • cali

    Obama was sent, and by voterfraud, and manipulation he won the election. Did you honestly think, the crisis in 2008 was legit-think again, it was one of those ‘never let a crisis go to waste’ situation, in which someone with sheer manipulation achieved what they were after-get Obama elected. He is THE driver to take us down to fit into the NWO.
    This was no accident-it was by design, as the current crisis is also by design.

    Progressives/communists have come out full force with their ‘in-your-face-attitude’, and are making clear what they designed for us-destruction, race-and class-warfare.
    The re-curring race-attacks against whites are also by design-we just need to find the community organiser who gives the go-ahead of this violence against whites.
    So it is also with the assassination of our seals-in total of 31, I encourage you to go to to get familiar with the strange situation in which our Seals were picked out of many chopper in the sky that night.
    In the meantime, Obama with the collusion of Hollywood is rolling out a movie in regard to Bin Laden, release date of October 12, 2011 to demonstrate what a ‘gutsy’ leader we have. The movie makers were given access to the CIA, and the highly classified materials within the White House. Have you ever heard of such disgusting actions?
    Wonder, if he also includes the murder of our Seals??
    Lastly, have you noticed how he emphasized the murder of ‘Kenyan’ at the 10th anniversary of the embassy bombing during the weekend? But not one word regarding the Seals, or our credit downfgrade!
    I am beyond depressed, I am pissed, and together, hopefully we can that anger, depression-whatever it may be to work hard to get these losers out of government in 2012. Our life depends on it!
    Thanks for letting me rant!

  • Conservatives on Fire

    “If you think we’ve got until 2050 or 2025, you’re part of the problem.”

    Those words should be branded on the forehead of every Congressman and Senator.

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