Who do you suppose Obama was talking about today?

TheOne says that we all have to start paying our fair share.

Do you feel like you’ve been paying your fair share – and then some?

Do you think he was talking to the 47-50% who pay NO DAMNED TAXES?


3 responses to “Who do you suppose Obama was talking about today?

  • Freedom, by the way

    If everyone were to pay their fair share we would have a flat tax with no exemptons or a national sales tax, not an income tax. He keeps pandering to the dependent and the bleeding hearts. I too am so tired of hearing it.

  • cali

    If this asshole wants to pair his fair share-the treasury is happy to oblige-just sent the damn money you don’t need obummer, and call it a day!
    Most of the tax evaders are liberals, whether in DC or Hollywood-all of them!
    Just leave me the F*ck alone-I’ll paid my share during my 43 yrs of employment.

  • righthook38

    The words “fair share” and “shared sacrifice” should be removed from the English language….not to mention “extremist” and “racist”. I’m so freaking sick of hearing them! Obama has no other ideas…tax the (so-called) rich. That’s it. Tax the rich. And this is a Harvard grad? Think outside the box, man! Good lord.

    I can hardly stand to hear that man speak. It’s nauseating.

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