The Obama campaign will underestimate us at their own peril

I still can’t get over how mad this makes me:

“Millionaires and Billionaires” laughing at the waste of money and the fact that so many Americans are out of work. The head of GE giggling??? Who does this man think he is?

I was furious the first time I saw it and I’m still furious.

The news of 9.2% unemployment this morning reminded me of how cavalier this president is/was about the mess we are in. And then to hear from his lackey’s that Americans don’t care about the GDP or the debt ceiling. They only care about how things effect them in their own little world.

Oh Paaaaaaaahleaze! How condescending and what an insult!

Who do these people think they are talking to or about? I’m fairly certain they have no idea how smart and informed most of us are.

Underestimate us at your own peril, Obama!

6 responses to “The Obama campaign will underestimate us at their own peril

  • bydesign001

    Nero fiddled as Rome burned. Obama is cut from the same cloth.

  • Freedom, by the way

    Get off the back of private industry, reign in the EPA and lower the corporate tax rate. THAT’s the way to create jobs. We don’t need more government shovel-ready jobs–we need to take the noose off private industry and the jobs will come that don’t leave the taxpayer holding the bag.

  • cali

    A narcissist, who believes he is ‘a messiah’ or rather a god-complex displays the condescending attitude like barry. Him, and his racist wife are laughing at all the ‘whiteys’ who voted for them. Their ‘in-you-face-attitude’ with their constant outragous vacations is all you need to know; neer having had anything, and riding the train on affirmative actions all their lives, what do you expect.
    Both of them went to ‘haaavad’ on affirmative action, although their grades were not up to par.
    Mooch, his wife, was court-ordered to render her law license (suspected fraud), and so barry gave his up too, because he lied on his application.
    These grifters will ride the train, until we thrown them out!

  • Conservatives on Fire

    Only a moron could vote for Obama in 2012. Did the latest census count morons? Just wondering…

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