WH Rural Council and our farmers

From my friend Boudica’s blog. Please read it.  This is pretty scary stuff.

6 responses to “WH Rural Council and our farmers

  • Conservatives on Fire

    UN Agena 21. Control the land, control the water, control the food, the people are under your control.

  • samiam60

    Excellent Post Roxanna. You are absolutely correct. If Obama’s gets for more years there will be no stopping him and all will be lost I fear.

  • loopyloo305

    You are so right, if we can not get him out, we are doomed. He has made it pretty clear that he thinks Congress is irrelevant. He is going to rule by executive order and what he wants he is going to have.

  • Righthook38

    That IS scary stuff. We should have known. They’re always sneaking in something….Friday afternoons, holiday weekends, scandals. Every time something else is going on, they’re signing something into law, or signing an executive order….never good news. We can’t survive another 4 years of this man.

    • roxannadanna

      My God – no kidding! If this man gets another 4 years, we are doomed. He’s got to be stopped and we have to get people out to vote and vote against him!

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