US lists Israel as terror sponsor


Doubtless some politically correct soul at ICE or in the State Department felt that the U.S. needed to show impartiality in making up its list and include non-Muslim countries. What better rebuttal to those who would claim that the ICE is profiling Muslims than to say that Israel is also on the list?

I keep saying this: if Obama really wants to be re-elected, he sure has a strange way of going about it.

Please share with your Jewish friends, especially those who voted for him before.

4 responses to “US lists Israel as terror sponsor

  • carol klein

    Dick Morris you are a LIAR AND A DEMOCRATIC TURNCOAT, ever since your falling out with Pres. Clinton years ago.

    You are an advantage seeker and it is to your advantage to become a conservative and continue to trash ALL Democrats!!!!!

    You didn’t like getting caught, anymore than Pres. Clinton, however, he never comprimsed his Political Beliefs like you have.

    • roxannadanna

      So are you saying that Israel was not put on the state sponsored terror list? Can you back that statement up with a link – with some facts?
      Or is it just the messenger that you have an issue with?

  • roxannadanna

    I’m feeling charitable today because this is Independence Day weekend, otherwise this post would have been trashed.

    It’s just important on this weekend when we celebrate our God given rights, I’m going to allow this wingnut his right to post his misguided opinions.

  • thehealer31


    Obama is just a big supporter of Zionism as the previous US president.

    Israel still has carte blanche to continue killing & opressing the Palestinian people.

    It makes no difference that Obama is the US president.

    Obama fully supports Israel’s terrorist acts against the Palestinians.

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