Happy Father’s Day to our real national treasures

Juan Williams, in his column today calls Obama, as a father and husband, a national treasure.

I find that laughable in light of the previous blog I wrote. I don’t see where he’s been enabling or encouraging or setting an example for young black men in this country to be better and more responsible fathers and men to the children they sire. On the contrary. His presidency has empowered these angry men to be more extreme and more destructive.

Even Williams agrees that the statistics in the minority community are appalling.  He states that 2 out of 3 black children are born into one parent homes: no fathers in the home.

This is unacceptable and why the black community accepts this is inexcusable.  It’s bad enough that in America, at large today, 1 in 3 children are born without a father present. No one should accept this as normal.

All psychologists and sociologists agree that children fare better in life, are more successful adults with a strong, loving father in the home.  They are less likely to end up in jail, which is epidemic in the minority communities. They are more likely to finish high school and less likely to be teenage parents.

But instead of taking responsibility for failing their children, they blame their awful fate on the white community.  White America has oppressed them, kept them from entering the business world, kept them from equal opportunities. And all this in the specter of affirmative action, that White Americans passed into law.

On this Father’s Day, I’d like to say thank you to our real national treasures: to men like my father and the father of my children who were/are active in our lives, who helped raise me and my children, who were the loving and strong figures that all children need in their lives.  You set a wonderful example for your sons. And I thank you both for that, too.

And Happy Father’s Day to all who stood like men to parent and love their children.

6 responses to “Happy Father’s Day to our real national treasures

  • roxannadanna

    As a progressive liberal (I know that is redundant), Juan is always on the wrong side of an issue.

  • Bob Mack

    If Obama’s a ‘national treasure’, I wish it would’ve stayed buried…

  • Righthook38

    Sometimes I like Juan, and other times…I just don’t know. One minute he can be objective, then the next, it’s liberal talking points.

    That being said, I would wholeheartedly agree with you on Obama not setting an example to black males in the community. When it comes to his own girls, he seems to be good with them, and they do seem to work as a family….from what we can tell (although Michelle clearly runs things). But he has done nothing to encourage black males to be better husbands and fathers. He has the mindset of government fixing all that ails us, which means women and children depending on welfare, instead of the men stepping up and taking care of their families. Instead of pushing programs to teach these men how to be husbands and fathers, he just accepts the situation as it is and throws welfare dollars at the problem.

    Maybe he thinks his own actions as a father sets enough of an example for others. Who knows? Bush did much more with this than Obama has. Bush set up programs to encourage men and boys to get out of gangs and/or prisons and make something of themselves. He pushed a lot of faith-based programs that hit this problem head-on. I never hear anything like that from Obama. He, of all people, should realize the importance of a strong male figure for kids, since his father was absent. But he’s too wrapped up in his destructive agenda to care.


    I wish Juan would go back to NPR.
    Bad move FOX.

  • Freedom, by the way

    Juan. He makes me shake my head so hard it spins.

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