Will the media turn their misogynist Palin attacks on Bachmann?

Dennis Miller made an excellent point tonight on O’Reilly which Bill poo-pooed because it wasn’t his idea first.  Let me say before I go on that I’m no Factor fan, I just like his guests and sometimes they’re able to get a complete thought expressed before Bill interrupts them. Frankly, Bill is annoying with his “looking out for the folks” meme all the time.

But I digress.

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann

The point Miller made was that if the LSM goes after Michele Bachmann in the same ruthless and cruel way they’ve gone after Sarah Palin, the media will have established an MO.  That won’t look so good for them. Do these liberal journalists want to appear to be the misogynists that they really are or would they rather stay in the closet?  Miller gave great kudos to Palin for laying the ground work for all women to come after her because she’s taken all the abuse and heat – there can’t be any left unless the leftist media want to appear in the ugliest of lights. They will look like women haters – even if the woman in question happens to be conservative.

Party affiliation won’t matter a lot to the American people if they see the media pillaging yet one more UNDESERVING female candidate.

The people that both parties will be fighting for will be the independents: the so-called moderate Americans. They are leaving the democrat party because it’s been hijacked by leftist extremists.  It’s no longer the party of their parents.  It’s now the party of Che and Mao.  And I’m pretty sure those moderate American voters don’t want to be aligned with communists.  I think as it is, it will be hard for the democrats to win them back, but it will be especially hard if they see unfair and unnecessary gender abuse from the media, sanctioned by the democrat party.





8 responses to “Will the media turn their misogynist Palin attacks on Bachmann?

  • Cry and Howl

    Roxy, you can bet a years salary that Mrs. Bachmann will have an onslaught of attacks from the MSM. She is an honorable woman, very honorable, but she’s in for something I hope she’s ready for. I like her alot and hope she does well.
    Geez, I would vote for “Dopy” of the Seven Dwarfs right now over Obama!


    Michelle Bachmann is a fighter, and so is Sarah Palin.
    The likes of Bill O’Reilly will never influence her opportunity to run for POTUS.
    Most conservatives have seen what O’Reilly is years ago.
    He is an arrogant, pushy, overbearing loudmouth.
    I agree with Otis, I can’t take much of him.
    I despise people that consistently interrupt others.

  • Otis P. Driftwood

    Dennis Miller made an excellent point last night. I used to BillO a lot but quickly tired of him. I do however, switch over at about 8:30 PM on Wednesday nights for Miller Time.

  • Freedom, by the way

    I agree! If (when) she begins rising in the polls or wins the primary, the left will have to resort to less blatant taactics to bring her down less they be called out for the fools they truly are. Palin took the bullets for all women, all moms seeking a run as a conservative.

    • Conservatives on Fire

      I hope you guys (ladies) are right but it is very hard for leopards to change their spots.

      • roxannadanna

        I’ll tell you what I think. I think the nation’s reached a saturation point with Palin. Those who love her won’t change and those who hate her— really hate her and no one will change their minds, either. So I think the Palin abuse will start to subside and that has nothing to do with whether she runs or not. I think the abuse will just let up, it’s getting old and tiresome. There will always be the online bloggers who will forever pick on her but the MSM and the entertainment industry will let her go.

        We saw that with her emails and even with her Paul Revere thing. That just didn’t fly for long (even though she was right) and they’ve let that go too. The more they beat her up, the more those of us who love her, will love her. And nothing the media says about her will make any difference to us. They won’t be winning over any more progressives from the right.

        I also believe that the real issue will be the independents. If they are like, what I believe most Americans are like – they get tired of beating a person while they’re down. – enough is enough, in other words.The media and the Tina Fey’s are risking alienating this much sought after group of voters.

        I’m not sure I made any sense here. LOL But I know what I mean!

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