Another new GOP ad


DWS makes my ass tired!

5 responses to “Another new GOP ad

  • Dena

    Yep, they’ve managed to turn this economy around!!! (Said with sarcasm in my voice)

  • Conservatives on Fire

    I love that part that says: “They’ll do anything to save their jobs. What have they done to save your job?

  • Cry and Howl

    Jeez, I’m about to start cussing! Gawd! … but it makes no difference Roxy. Here’s part of a comment I put on one of Denise”s posts, and it seems to be applicable here:

    The next election, will mean very little in the overall plan for America. If Obama wins a second term the “overall plan” will accelerate at an alarming rate. If the Republicans win, the “plan” will continue, though somewhat slower. What “plan”?
    Globalism. I find it difficult to believe that people can’t see exactly what’s happening with the United States. We are moving quickly to a global monetary system, military, police, government and religion. It hits us in the face every day.
    For the past 6 decades every U.S. president has been slowly stripping America of her sovereignty. Especially since G.H.W.Bush. From that point the sovereignty of the United States was as good as gone. Hasn’t anyone noticed that the “global community” is more important than the community of U.S. citizens? With every law and policy from those we elect, America is being destroyed bit by bit.
    It saddens me beyond words, but
    know for certain, very soon the wonderful, beautiful, United States of America will soon just be another nation among nations with no heritage and no history …
    her wealth and beauty absorbed into the global society.
    Makes me want to weep.

  • cali

    This hack needs to be pinched hard; obviously her mind is incapableof recognising reality!


    Take a break Roxy.
    It’s bad, yeah I know.
    Linda is in Kansas now.
    She is on the forefront of a whole new group of adventures, and with her writing skills, I will be looking forward to her writings.
    Noone is home for the time being.

    God bless the Troops !

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