2 more examples of Obama’s Jewish contempt

A couple of news stories that might have gotten past you and many Jewish Americans:

Here’s story #1, H/t Astute Bloggers, from the NYT:

When an international flotilla sails for Gaza this month to challenge Israel’s naval blockade of the Palestinian territory, among the boats will be an American ship with 34 passengers, including the writer Alice Walker and an 86-year-old whose parents died in the Holocaust.

The Americans have named their boat “The Audacity of Hope,” lifting the title of a book by President Obama to make a point, said Leslie Cagan, a political organizer who is the coordinator of the American boat.

“We’re sending a message to our own government that we think it could play a much more positive role in not only ending the siege of Gaza, but also ending the whole occupation” of Palestinian land, she said. 

Is there any chance Obama will request they change the boat’s name? Nah. I didn’t think so, either.

Then, there’s this from American Thinker:

Mysteriously, the Office of the President has requested that a video of a Jewish singing group performing at the White House [in honor of American Jewish Heritage month] be removed from the web.

As part of the entertainment at the event, the Maccabeats were invited to sing several songs. They also did an impromptu acapella chant, with beautiful harmonies, of  “Four More Years,” which was the video posted on Matzav.com.

Believe it or not, the website Matzav.com complied with the presidential request and the song was also removed from YouTube.

Am I the only person (aside from Thomas Lifson) curious as to why the WH wanted this video removed? I’m certain that no one in the media will ask his regime about either of these stories.

Obama is going to continue to bitch slap Israel and American Jews and guess what… they will continue to vote for him.

6 responses to “2 more examples of Obama’s Jewish contempt

  • Cry and Howl

    About 78% of American Jews voted for Obama in ’08. Even though his disdain towards the nation of Israel is obvious, he will most likely still get 70% or better of the Jewish vote.
    Sad to say, American Jews are much more in love with their liberalism than they are with their heritage.

    • roxannadanna

      So glad to see you again Steve! I was worried about you. Also went to your blog and I twitted it too! I’m learning new stuff with this twitter stuff — it’s way coool!

  • loopyloo305

    Another one of the organizer’s of the flotilla is Obama’s friend, Bernadeen Dorne, who also was one of the organizer’s last time, as well as being the person who Obama picked to start his political career in her living room. I don’t understand the Jewish Americans who seem bent on the destruction of Israel, or the ones who close their eyes to the evidence that Barack Obama hates that country! The time is coming very soon where he will totally abandon her and I hope that the American’s who support Israel will not be cowards, but will stand up and say No, we support Israel!

    • roxannadanna

      That’s the point, loopy. Obama does not represent how the majority of Americans feel on all kinds of topics, but especially with regard to Israel. It appears that the ONLY foreign policy he has with any nation is with Israel and that policy is completely out of step with the nation. Regarding other nations, especially in the Middle East, his policy is to react to situations as they arise. He has no “Obama policy” otherwise.
      But with Israel, it’s perfectly clear to all of us – all of us but sadly, the voting American Jews.

  • Freedom, by the way

    I will never understand why the Jewish voting block continues to support progressives. Maybe this time it will turn around? And frankly, this administration’s treatment of Israel and disdain for Jews is just one more reason for me shudder about the thought of another four years. And then I wonder, why aren’t American Jews, as a majority, fighting with us?

    • roxannadanna

      I wonder the same thing, doll. I had it explained to me once by a Jewish man and what he said at the time, was understandable, if wrong. But I can’t remember the reasoning. It was like the year I took chemistry in college – the first 2 weeks I was on the same page as everyone else. Then I came to class one day and it was all Greek to me. lol

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