So the Seattle Coed on the recieving end of the Weiner weiner is a stripper

This has gone from accusing Breitbart’s site for breaking the story to vilifying the young lady as a stripper – this according to CNN today.

This guy is so fugly! Why would any woman find him interesting, let alone sexy? But you know what they say about men with big noses . . .

And he tells NBC that he can’t confirm or deny that the picture is of – mmm – him, but tell me folks, don’t you know if you’ve ever put a picture of yourself like that online?  He’s claiming that the photo might have been manipulated — but again, don’t you need a photo of a man in his jockeys to doctor to begin with? So he put up a picture of himself in his underpanties and now he’s claiming that it was photoshopped?

Photoshopped to show an impressive (to some, I guess) erection? LMAO

Oh geeeze! I’m starting with gutter stuff. Sorry but this story just begs for it.


5 responses to “So the Seattle Coed on the recieving end of the Weiner weiner is a stripper

  • eurobrat

    I have to say, I actually do think Weiner is attractive 🙂 but I always follow this observation up with a reminder to myself that he is just a slimy politician.

    But yeah, how would you not remember putting a pic of yourself in your undies up……

  • Freedom, by the way

    Weiner has always been a weiner, always will be. And no, “I resign” is banned language in the DNC playbook.

  • loopyloo305

    Do you think that he will resign? He seems ti have no shame!

    • roxannadanna

      Just a guess but I’d say no. He’s going to ride this out and the media will drop it. He was a jerk, before this ever happened.

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