Rep. Weiner’s Twitter Troubles – Political News Video

Rep. Weiner’s Twitter Troubles – Watch political news video online from conservative news source

This guy just will not answer the question. And if he thinks it’s going to go away, he’s sadly mistaken. His lawyering up and refusal to give a simple yes or no answer is just going to make things worse.  And his refusals make him look guilty. How much more stupid can he be?

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6 responses to “Rep. Weiner’s Twitter Troubles – Political News Video

  • TaterSalad

    Lil’ Anthony Weiner’s “Twitter”account hacked? Or was it? If so, then the FBI needs to investigate immediately because if this person can hack Weiner then they can hack Obama, Reid, Pelosi or Palin. This is a federal offense. Why a 21 year old at the receiving end of the Weiner twitter account? Why is Weiner “stalling” the investigation. Maybe it was a Republican who hacked his account? But Weiner is not having nothing to do with an investigation! Sounds like another Clintongate going on here. Hope the 21 year old who got the perverts picture from the waiste down name isn’t “Monica”! That would be appropriate!

  • samiam60

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