The internet is all a-Twitter over Weinergate

Did Reprehensible Representative Anthony Weiner tweet a photo of an erection (presumably his) inside a pair of Fruit of the Looms to a co-ed in Seattle or was his account, as he claims, hacked?

Why did her account(s) disappear immediately after this photo was sent to her Twitter account?

If his accounts were hacked, did he notify the FBI?

Has be possibly been tweeting with a high school girl?

So many questions – no credible answers at the time of this writing.

This will likely be a long weekend for Weiner and his staff. (There’s something wrong with using the words long and staff in a sentence with Weiner as the subject.)

It will be fun to watch Weiner get himself out of this one and he will because the MSM knows only how to protect its own.

Read more here and here and here.

13 responses to “The internet is all a-Twitter over Weinergate

  • bydesign001

    Happy Memorial Day everyone,

    As usual of late, I am late to the conversation. God bless you Roxy. Been running all weekend with my grandson and have missed some good stuff.

    I think I shall refer to this salacious tale as “Micro-Weinergate.” I cannot even stand the sight of Anthony Weiner. Furthermore, he is an embarrassment to every New Yorker and if Micro-Weinergate will get his sorry arse out of office, I say BRING IT!

    And yes, my dear, this story is full of PUNS. We can go all year on this one. No doubt, Eliot Spitzer has plenty of company.

    AFVET, right you are. Debbie Wasserman Schultz will pick up where the botox queen left off. She is one hysterical, delusional lying witch.


    • roxannadanna

      Hope you had a great Memorial weekend, D. All of a sudden, I’ve run out of time to spend reading blogs and news. I hope to catch up this summer with my daughter out of school. Sure miss you all!

  • roxannadanna

    I don’t need to tell you guys, this story is full of puns! Just read the twitter posts! Some of them are hilarious.

    • Otis P. Driftwood

      Just read a blog that suggests Weiner’s new nickname should be ‘Wags’.

      • roxannadanna

        Otis, you definitely have the right avatar there! LOL
        Have you seen my Charlie Chaplin avatar? I did it myself in photoshop.

        • Otis P. Driftwood

          I do not believe I have seen that.

          • roxannadanna

            Come back tomorrow and you should see my new Gravatar picture. I guess it takes a while for the change to take hold at wordpress. I changed it for you to see.
            I love Charlie Chaplin, as well as the Marx brothers. Did I ever tell you (and you probably know this already) but the brother’s mom’s name was Minnie… Minnie Marx. I don’t know why that is funny to me but it is. lol


    Keep an eye on Debbie Wasserman Schultz.
    The new head of the DNC.
    Pelosi was bad enough, this woman is delusional.


    Not gonna touch it Roxy.
    Heh, heh.

  • Otis P. Driftwood

    Weinergate? Long? Staff? Hmmm…I can see this is going to get me in trouble real quick.

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