These nutcases will never give up destroying American traditions

So the greenies in California (where they belong) have succeeded in requiring 4th of July fireworks displays to obtain an environmental impact study before they can MAYBE get a permit to shoot them off.

In the words of the great Green legal guru who has been litigating this case:

“There are a whole host of impacts that we know occur from fireworks shows, from marine mammals to marine birds to water quality to traffic to noise to the air,” [Marco] Gonzalez said. “We want it studied and we want it mitigated.” [translation: we want to spend more of your money in really stupid ways.]

Gonzalez is the attorney for this green group and he’s ecstatic over this ruling.  Poor guy and his clients have been suffering from abuse and teasing over what many (normal thinking Americans and a small number of sane Californians) perceived as a stupid and frivolous lawsuit.

“If you were to sum it up with one word, I would say ‘vindication.’ It’s vindication for the environment … and it’s vindication for my client because of the amount of disparaging comments and general negativity that was thrown our way when we were told that our lawsuit was frivolous,” Gonzalez said.

Earlier this month, his lawsuit had spurred regional pollution regulators to adopt a new permit for fireworks shot over beaches and bays. The mandate, based on the Clean Water Act, was a national first.

When do we say enough? What does it take for Americans to reach their saturation point of government bureaucrats lording over us in such insanely stupid ways?

This is the stuff that discourages and infuriates me. And it’s this kind of stupidity what will cause California to implode on itself — not soon enough.


4 responses to “These nutcases will never give up destroying American traditions

  • Bob Mack

    I believe Devil’s Island is unoccupied at the moment. Let’s ship all the socialist/progresssive/greenie/liberals there & let ’em set up their left-wing paradise as they wish.

  • Conservatives on Fire

    It has nothing at all to do with the fire works. It has to do with the tearing down of the concept that is or was America. In 1989 after the fall of the former Soviet Union, there was a convention of the worlds communist in which they decided that hence forth the best way to destroy capitalism would be through the various environmental movements. they were right.

    • cali

      Nicely said!
      While they worry about fireworks, dlta smelts and other obvious naggings, they can’t see the trash on the side of city streets, parking lots, graffiti everywhere-at least in San Jose, CA where I live.

      Talking about 3rd world ghetto look-a-like!

      I guess thats what happens hwen you get a law degree, or college degree-one become total ignorant, and delusional!

  • Otis P. Driftwood

    You said it perfectly – government bureaucrats lording over us. And to what purpose? Some guy somewhere doesn’t like the sound of fireworks so he decides it needs an environmental ‘impact’ study. I suppose next we’ll have to take ‘the bombs bursting in air’ from the National Anthem.

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