Although he plays one on TV, Obama is no statesman

I’ve argued before that Tony Blair and Barack Obama have an awful lot in common. Both are lawyers; both are snake-oil-salesman; both claim to be post-partisan, and Third Way and consensual; both play the acceptable, moderate-seeming public face of a regime chock full of Communists, class warriors, single issue rabble rousers, malcontents, communitarians and eco-loons hell bent on destroying every last vestige of what once made their country great. And both do (or did) the things dodgy political leaders always do when the going gets tough at home and their domestic audience finally wises up to how totally useless they are: they hop on the plane and pose as international statesman instead. James Delingpole/UKTelegraph (emphasis mine.)

Isn’t that an interesting observation (from a Brit, no less) considering the geo-political education Obama got last week from Benjamin Netanyahu?

Have you seen the movie Soapdish? The scene: Soap opera star and “America’s Sweetheart” Celeste Talbert (Sally Field) has been dumped by her boyfriend and is being maneuvered by political ner’do-wells at work. She’s depressed and emotionally falling apart when her friend and writer at the Sun Also Sets, (Whoopi Goldberg) takes her to the mall and pretends to be a fan. This incites all the shoppers to gather ’round Celeste and beg for autographs and go all gah-gah over her. Just the “worship fix” Celeste needed.

When I saw Obama in Ireland today, in front of thousands of cheering, adoring fans, I thought immediately of that scene in Soapdish. In his own version of television soap opera, Obama’s not getting the kind of reception in America that the Irish have lavished on him, and in fact he’s been getting a lot of criticism, so I’m sure he’s in need of a little messiah worship infusion. He’ll get it from those European socialists who want nothing more than to slobber all over the first Black American president.

Delingpole’s blog is a definite must read. You’ll enjoy it and be sure and read his link to a previous story about Michelle.

On another topic: Doesn’t Hillary look good since she got that LifeStyle lift?

11 responses to “Although he plays one on TV, Obama is no statesman

  • Bob Mack

    From Weasel Zippers:

    “The first time I had Guinness,” Obama said, “is when I came to the Shannon airport. We were flying into Afghanistan and so stopped in Shannon. It was the middle of the night. And I tried one of these and I realized it tastes so much better here than it does in the States.”

    Which begs the obvious question, how would he know it tasted better than the stuff in America if it was the first time he tried it? He’s so friggen stupid he can’t even keep his lies straight.

  • themadjewess

    Too right.
    He really is a lousy statesmen, come to think of it, he is super lousy at everything he touches.

  • Conservatives on Fire

    I wish there was a cheaper way for our dear president to blow-up his ego balloon. The man is so full of himself.


    It appears at this point that the only one that will be befuddled after the next election is Obama.
    I think that he thinks that he can’t be beat.

  • loopyloo305

    You’d think he was running for King of Ireland. All he does where ever he goes is campaign.

  • Dena

    Another thought: What is the man going to do when he is defeated in the next election? Where is he going to go? Food for thought.

    You know, the only thing in particular I remember about that Sally Field movie is when she is talking on the phone to the guy who dumped her. He asked her to take care of his plants and she said she would – as she was pouring Clorox on them!

  • bydesign001

    Excellent post, Roxy. Indeed great minds think a like my friend. Obama is getting so little love in the states that he had to travel clear across the Atlantic to get his fix.

    I can tell you one thing though. As desperate as Ireland maybe for tourism dollars, they do not want some of those Obama supporters popping up (nothing against Ireland).

    Freedom, you’re too funny. I too was thinking, no hoping that the volcano would keep Obama on the other side of the Atlantic for a while.

    They love Obama so much, let them have him.

  • Freedom, by the way

    That’s exactly right, Roxy! If he’s not getting the love he thinks he deserves at home, let’s go to tiny, suffering Ireland who will be so delighted to have international reporters showing off their country (and hopefully spur some tourism) that they will welcome him with adulation. I think the Irish would roll out the red carpet for anyone with a cache of friendly camera crews right now. (No offense meant, they just need a boost). Maybe we can hope Air Force One can’t take off from England with the volcanic ash and they’ll have to keep him for awhile (smile).

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