Quote of the Day – Mark Steyn

The arrest of a mediocre international civil servant in the first-class cabin of his jet isn’t just a sex story: It’s a glimpse of the widening gulf between the government class and their subjects in a post-prosperity West. Neither Geithner nor Strauss-Kahn have ever created a dime of wealth in their lives. They have devoted their careers to “public service,” and thus are in the happy position of rarely if ever having to write a personal check. At the Sofitel in New York, DSK was in a $3,000-per-night suite. Was the IMF picking up the tab? If so, you the plucky U.S. taxpayer paid around 550 bucks of that, whereas Strauss-Kahn’s fellow Frenchmen put up less than $150. So if, as Le Nouvel Observateur suggests, France and America really do belong in entirely different civilizations, the French one ought to start looking for a new patron for the heroic DSK’s lifestyle. Mark Steyn/JWR


2 responses to “Quote of the Day – Mark Steyn

  • Freedom, by the way

    Yes, “serving the people” has turned into an elistists camp, it would seem.


    Great Post Roxy.
    Neither has Barack Obama.
    Interesting that he can find his great,great,great grandfather on his mom’s side and he won’t release his school records.
    This guy really has a passion to be re-elected.
    He thinks he has the majority of the people on his side.
    He does not.
    Now he has ties to Ireland !
    How insolent will this president continue to be ?

    Now they are overstaying in Buckingham Palace.
    Major security for the big O’s.
    Why ????

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