A picture that’s worth 5 words


Benjamin Netanyahu/Drudge Report

14 responses to “A picture that’s worth 5 words

  • ClassicFilm

    Obama’s now backpedaling on his throwing Israel to the Islamic wolves – “I was misquoted.” Uh, NO, Mr. President, we read you loud and clear.

    Chances are DNC donations from well-off Democrat Jews are drying up. Time for hasty damage control and time to try to hide his blatant anti-Semitic agenda.

    God bless Netanyahu. He has more strength and true leadership in his pinkie finger than the petulant man-child has in his entire scrawny body. God bless Israel.

    • AFVET

      Damage control is something Obama has no experience in.
      He has never had to deal with it.
      He and his policies are out there now.
      His minions will attempt to kneecap anyone who opposes him, or anyone that attempts to malign any aspect of the regime he has established.
      The republican conservatives better grow a spine quickly and confront this stooge on all levels.
      Cloward and Piven were right.
      Overwhelm the system.
      Let’s overwhelm theirs.

  • roxannadanna

    I saw that picture on Drudge yesterday and it didn’t speak to me – it SCREAMED at me: This man and his nation feel totally alone against an increasingly hostile world.
    How we can put a knife in the back of this great ally, is nothing short of a moral sin.
    Obama is trying to walk it back now and there are stupid Jews in America who will be suckered but most of us know that this guy is not true to his current words. What is true is what he said last Thursday while Netanyahu was in the air on his way here.
    The American people’s allies are not HIS allies and you’re right, he’s bringing shame on our nation.

    • Dena

      I didn’t know anything about Netanyahu’s history until I heard it on Levin the other night. This is a man who should not be trampled on. Or should I say “try” to trample on? And, hopefully, Netanyahu knows that most Americans are not in agreement with Obama on this. Except of course those idiots that proclaim to speak for the Jews in this country.
      Obama started bringing shame on our country before he was even elected and it just goes on and on and on.

    • righthook38

      You’re so right. Obama’s behavior is an embarrassment to this country. We do support Israel, despite what our leadership may say or do.


    Well done Roxy.
    They will never be alone in the world.
    Our allies know the ramifications of leaving Israel to fend for itself.
    Obama is continuing to verify that he is nothing more than an ignorant fool.

  • Conservatives on Fire

    Obama has no shame but he has brought shame on America.

  • nooneofanyimport

    Great find, Roxy. Great photo.

  • Freedom, by the way

    The US will rue the day we turned our backs on Israel.

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