What if they had a revolution and no body was ready to come?

I can’t remember, in my lifetime,  a more important time in our nation’s future than now.  And I’m sick of hearing that “I’m not ready to run” or “my wife’s not sure if I should, yet.”

If you’re not ready, then get out of the business and get out of our way because we are in dire straits right now and we don’t need you’re pussy rhetoric.  And furthermore, I’m sick of these pansies trying to dress up like conservatives when they are nothing like one. That means Christie and Daniels, specifically.

I’m also talking about real conservatives – Ryan and Rubio – who won’t run when the nation is begging for them. The time is NOW. There will be no chance in ’16 to fix this. It will be beyond fixing by then.

How would it have been if Sam Adams or Thomas Paine said “I’m just not ready for this revolution thing yet. Come back in 6 years”?

14 responses to “What if they had a revolution and no body was ready to come?

  • roxannadanna

    I love Christie’s attack on the unions, but as Levin as pointed out nurmerous times, why did he not get into the health care lawsuit? Why doesn’t someone ask him that or if they did, what was his answer.
    Daniels turned me off when he said we need to “declare a truce between fiscal and social conservatism.” That’s just not possible. How does he propose to separate the 2 in relation to something like funding for abortion, for instance? Not workable Governor.
    I understand that Rubio, Ryan and West aren’t ready, but we ARE READY FOR THEM! I don’t understand that when the nation calls, they aren’t ready?
    I’m like Lin, if it comes down to Ron Paul, I’ll cast a worthless vote rather than see Obama with another 4 years. I’ll vote for anyone else. ANYONE.

    • AFVET

      Study history Roxy.
      George Washington did not want to be President.
      He said something like ‘have I not yet done enough for this country’.
      This of course was after presiding over the victory that severed our ties to England, and the dictatorial regime that initiated the first Tea Party.
      The man just wanted to go back to Mount Vernon and relax.

      Think of it this way.
      If we get a strong candidate in there, he/she is not going to be alone.
      We want this country back so bad that we will not leave a conservative candidate dangling in the wind.
      Obama has met his match and it is US.

    • righthook38

      Oh, I totally agree. I’m a Hoosier, and Daniels has done well as governor. But calling for a truce on social issues was a deal breaker for me. This would make him a weak president, in my opinion.

  • Conservatives on Fire

    We need some who can really get the base excited. An excited base will work that much harder to get out the vote. What about Palin/West? Cain has a history with the bankers and the Fed that is not good.

  • ClassicFilm

    *as she repeatedly bangs her head on her desk*
    No Newt… No Newt… No Newt… No Newt… No Newt… No Newt… No Newt… No Newt… No Newt… No Newt… No Newt… No Newt…

    • AFVET

      Such passion !
      I agree.
      The next election will be a crucible.
      Only the ones that are willing to take Obama out will be the ones that remain.

  • bydesign001

    Amen to all of the above.

  • roblorinov

    Excellent post!!

  • nooneofanyimport

    Keep talkin hard, lady! Don’t pull no punches. If the GOP nod ain’t good enough, I’ll “throw my vote away” to Ron Paul, that much I know.


  • Freedom, by the way

    The handwriting is on the wall and the smart ones see it. The years following 2012 are going to be very tough for America. I really believe we are in for a financial meltdown and God knows Obama will only facilitate it faster. We need a warrior. I don’t know where they are, or if they are out there, why they won’t take up the mantel. Having just moved from FL, I know that Fl needs Rubio right now. They have a mess down there. That’s not to say America doesn’t need him more.

    • AFVET

      Have patience Freedom.
      Good things come to those who wait.
      Obama is extremely beatable, even now.
      By 2012 he’s toast.


    Whomever takes this mess on had better have a plan and a strong constitution be it man or woman or one of each.
    I’m with loopyloo, Allen West/Herman Cain would be a good start.
    Both would not be afraid to stare down OB on stage.
    I will be surprised to see OB debate anyone in an open debate.
    With his record, he would be standing on quicksand.

    Keep in mind that anybody that dares to confront the messiah will be excoriated along with their families by the media.

  • loopyloo305

    Don’t forget Allen West! Whoever runs as President, I sure would like to see him as the running mate. It is truly time for them to put up or shut up. But I would rather Daniels and Christie just shut up.

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