Someone tell the WH to shut their pie holes!

So now the Navy SEALs are asking for protection for their families and themselves.

“Frankly, a week ago Sunday, in the Situation Room, we all agreed that we would not release any operational details from the effort to take out bin Laden. That all fell apart on Monday, the next day” [Secretary of Defense Robert Gates said.]

No information was going to be released and then it all went to hell, did it? And the elite professionals in our armed services have the WH to thank for this.  Are they going to take responsibility if anything happens to our SEALs and/or their families?  I doubt it. There will be countless trumped up excuses but no one will take responsibility for flapping their yaps and endangering some real American heros.

When is someone going to start talking about how much the WH is leaking and how dangerous this is to our soldiers and to the nation’s security?  Someone needs to tell them to shut the hell up. There’s way more information out there than anyone needs to know. And the information we do want – a picture – is “too dangerous to our troops to release.” How stupid is this?

All of this leaked information is a national security issue to be sure but it’s also a life and (God forbid) death issue for our SEALs.

For Obama, it’s a political stump speech issue.  And that is the most disgusting, immoral thing about this whole episode.

Barry, please shut your pie hole. This is not going to win you another term, especially if something dreadful happens to our SEALs and our nation.

12 responses to “Someone tell the WH to shut their pie holes!

  • samhenry

    I have just been enraged at all of the many articles on the Seals. One tried to profile the actual shooter. It’s crazy. Face it, we are all targets thanks to offing Obama. We could have tied him to a buoy in the middle of the Atlantic. Now we get to see animations of the operation. This stuff is being leaked at the highest levels. Well I hope they all land in the lowest levels of hell. Obama has used the Seals; used his office; and wiped his feet on the Presidential seal. This Bin Laden thing scares me because he has been like a coiled snake – waiting to pounce. He’s not dithering he’s deliberate. He knows just exactly what he is doing and when and how he would like to do it and when and how he would like you to do it. We are right smack in the middle of a communist not socialist, communist revolution. God help us. This man is pure evil. SamHenry has never spoken this way – Sam’s at the limit of the leash.

  • Conservatives on Fire

    What was that about not needing to spike the football?
    This is a pathetic example of the quality of people occupying the White House today.

  • bydesign001

    By the way, excellent post Roxy.

  • cali

    Nothing within this current admin is by chance!

    I have this nagging suspicion, that our Seals are being set up as fall guys, as soon as the internation Criminal Court begin an inguiry.
    For Obama, I’d say ‘Kharma is a biatch cold served”!

  • Freedom, by the way

    They behave like frat boys. Gates said they “all agreed” not to talk about details but obviously no one prepared an approved script and did a primer Q & A. for them to use when talking to the media. That’s pr/mkting 101. It seems when they’re spinning their sales stories, they get the script passed out but when it’s something important like national security–who cares? It’s quite frightening really.
    Good post, Roxy.

    • bydesign001

      Obama’s ego will be the end of our NavySeals. Of course, the truth is going to come out, the “frat boys” can’t contain themselves. The purpose of the photograph of the war room was so that Obama could cover his rear by throwing everyone in the picture under the bus when this backfires and the NavySeals are fair game for this slug.


    Barry has the arrogance to take on the Giant.
    This little fool has had his day.
    What he doesn’t have is the intuition to realize that the wolves are at the door.
    He has stated in the past that ‘if you bring a knife, I’ll bring a gun’.
    He may as well of said, if you confront me, I will destroy you.
    Know your enemy folks.
    This guy is a thug.

    No matter what the media tells you, this Country will defeat Obama.

    • Otis P. Driftwood

      The ONLY way obama can defeat ANYONE is with a bigger weapon. In a fair fight he would go down within 5 seconds.

  • ClassicFilm

    BTW – love your graphic on this post. WWII’s national security & secrecy from the enemy vs. Team Obama’s national security & secrecy from the enemy.

  • ClassicFilm

    Don’t know who spilled first about the Navy SEALs to the press, but Crazy Uncle Joe Biden was among the first. You know, the guy we were all told in 2008 would make a much better vice president than Gov. Sarah Pain because… because… uh… because the liberal media said so.

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