Obama’s strong arm tactics against business

I can’t stop kicking myself for continuing to be astounded by this regime.

This man is either entirely tone deaf to the American people or he has balls of titanium.

He is poised to sign an order that will require all businesses who want to contract with the federal government to disclose their political donations and those of their officers – for the last 2 years and going forward. This is an effort to prevent the GOP from making any money for the next election. He’s already bragging that he will raise $1billion which is nothing more than another form of intimidation. But he plans to make sure that the Republicans are not able to raise any money. I suppose he thinks that he can’t beat a good Republican candidate unless he does whatever he can to dry up their donations and scare them into thinking that no one can beat his $1billion campaign.

And as the Wall Street Journal says, by the same token, Obama wants bipartisan support for other things this coming year.

If he follows through with this disclosure plan, I doubt that he will get it. Even that milquetoast RHINO Susan Collins is furious with his plans: The administration’s argument that this is about disclosure is “a fraud,” she declares. The very notion “offends me deeply.”

And the hits just keep on comin’….

4 responses to “Obama’s strong arm tactics against business

  • ClassicFilm

    Crikey, this joker wanted to use our military’s paychecks as pawns in his sick chess game, as hostage on settling the congressional budget/government shutdown last month. During his first few weeks in office, he wanted the military to pay for their own medical bills for injuries, missing limbs, etc. incurred in the course of battle.

    Nothing surprises me with Pres. Pantywaist – intimidating through disclosing donations information is a perfect fit with Chicago thuggery politics and is no more audacious than other disgusting recommendations he has made.

    Just six words: “What if Bush had done this?”

    If Bush had tried to pull something this obvious off to kill Democrat donations (and Wall Street and Hollywood would have been some of the bigger ones), the media would have barbecued him alive, as they would have every right to do.

    But if it’s the Marxist Community Organizer in Chief, not a peep from the government-run media.

    Only 546 days until Election 2012.

    • AFVET

      A belated Happy Mother’s Day to you.
      As far as the government run media, I refer to a line in Blazing Saddles ‘ We don’t need no stinking badges’.
      We have the internet.

  • Gilbert

    I must be LOST. Where is America? When did I lose the freedom to tell the Federal Gov’t “NO!”. If your a law abiding tax paying citizen who wants a contract with the Gov’t your donations to any party affiliation should be your own business.

    • AFVET

      Make no mistake Gilbert, America is still here and about to rise up and smack the progressives down again.
      Hopefully for a long time.

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