Oh to be a fly on the wall. . .

H/t to LeatherneckM31

Please read his blog regarding the events that led up to the assault on bin Laden’s “mansion.”  I think it’s going to be enlightening to some and will verify what others of us have already believed about this president and his regime.

I don’t believe that Obama would be out golfing and have to be pulled off the course, if he knew that this assault was taking place. I also know from reading Game Change that Obama doesn’t take a dump without notifying Valerie Jarrett first and that fits in well with the narrative on Leatherneck’s blog.

Now, for interesting aside, also via Leatherneck and the UK Mail is the sketchy story of the other woman in the situation room – Audrey Tomason.  I think this lady was with the CIA and her cover has been blown or at least compromised by this administrations haste to get out a photo.

Michael Barrett, a national security expert and principal at strategy firm Diligent Innovations, suggests that the photograph outed a sensitive national security employee.

He said: ‘You can make a reasonable deduction that she’s a member of the intelligence community. Is that a story [the White House] wants to put out there in public? The fact that we can see her face could potentially jeopardize her career.’

If this is true and she has been outed, what idiot in the White House approved this photo for release?

6 responses to “Oh to be a fly on the wall. . .

  • Dena

    Hey hey hey! Time for a special prosecutor, anyone?

    • roxannadanna

      Like you said the other day, there’s been way too much information released about things that should not be known and this is just one more example.

      A special prosecutor is an excellent idea!

      And where is the media on this? Oh — Britain!

  • TaterSalad


    The above article mentioned the 18+ minutes that President Nixon “misplaced” during his last term in office. We might add that the present President has lost almost 4 years or 87,000 minutes through his ineptitude and stealth transparency with the American people. The sad part is that there are gullible, un-informed and like minded, left wing moonbats that will follow this President into the abyss because they have sold their souls to government entitlements! Sad to say the least! The writer of this article could not have made it any clearer to the American people. Get your heads out of your you know what before it is to late to correct this problem we are all in.

  • Conservatives on Fire

    “… what idiot in the White House approved this photo for release?”

    I don’t know. there are so may idiots to choose from.

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