Quote of the day – Lauri B. Regan

from American Thinker. H/t to my great friend AFVET:

I do not doubt that the American military killed OBL.  I am, however, disgusted that the White House is offering contradictory stories.  And I am disgusted by the silence that we hear from the media while questioning what in the world is going on.  When presented with pictures of US soldiers abusing Iraqi prisoners at Abu Ghraib, the New York Times and other mainstream publications could not wait to print the pictures (and partake in the demonization of the American military) without regard to the risk posed to soldiers in the field.  In this case however, the White House is holding back on releasing the photographs of bin Laden claiming that the release could be inflammatory.

5 responses to “Quote of the day – Lauri B. Regan

  • bydesign001

    Obama is looking out for his own interests.

    Number one, he does not want the world to see that which he gave his blessings to. Remember in Hussein’s demented mind, he is the messiah, untouched and unblemished. Obama wants to maintain that image.

    He also wants to rule and play dictator but does not want to get dirty but it is far too late for that.

    He is willing to foresake most of the American votes but he does not want to risk losing Muslim support. Remember Hussein is the boy who wants to be king of the new world order and again, in his own little world, Obama has his god-like image to maintain.

  • roxannadanna

    I agree with you both. Where are the so-called moderate Muslims on this? Or on anything for that matter? I’m beginning to believe there is no such thing as a moderate muslim. No one ever hears from them – except for that great guy who appears on Levin and Beck and Fox, on occassion.

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  • Conservatives on Fire

    Inflammatory? I’ll tell you what’s inflammatory is the silence of the so called moderate Muslims. That inflames the hell out of me.

    • AFVET

      Have we not forgotten Daniel Pearl ?
      Have we not forgotten our troops being dragged through the streets and denigrated to the ultimate extreme on camera, and displayed on world wide TV?
      Now Obama is refusing to produce the photos of bin Laden.
      Obama is a manipulating pos that is attempting to mislead America into voting him back into office.
      Do not be fooled.

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