What I think about Obama, his birth and our future

I’ve seen Jack Cashill’s video speeches. I’ve read Stanly Kurtz’ book, Radical in Chief. And it’s because of them and all the comments that cali has made that I believe there is more to this president’s past than we know.

  • Am I convinced that he was born in Hawaii? NO.
  • Do I think there’s a possibility that he was born outside this country? YES.
  • Do I think that Obama could be playing us all as rubes and he really is Hawaiian born? YES.
  • Do I know for certain that he’s a Christian? NO.

I’m not prepared to discount anything. And what does that say about this man we elected? It says that we really know nothing for sure about him. All that remains are more and more conspiracy theories and I see this as something that will never die. There will be theories about this guy’s life in perpetuity.

Maybe that’s what he wants to leave history: something like an Arthurian legacy. Can anyone prove, without doubt that King Arthur lived? No. Can it be proven that he didn’t? No.

Can anything be definitively proven about Obama’s early life? Very little.

He’s a little like Jesus, isn’t he? There’s a large gap of time during childhood that is all but non-existent, in both men’s lifes. The difference is that we take on faith the life of Jesus because we have no kindergarten teachers or childhood friends to question. Somehow, Obama has kept most of his past a secret and kept quiet almost all those who had to have known him.

I just don’t know what to think about this man – aside from knowing that he’s a Marxist who shares none of my beliefs or my vision of what America really is about and knowing that he has plans that will destroy the America that we love. He is dangerous to our future and another term as president will create almost irreversible damage to us as a people and a nation.

9 responses to “What I think about Obama, his birth and our future

  • 1dragon

    I’d like for you to read something that I found a long time ago………..
    I think it is very well written and have posted it before.I don’t really care where he was born, it does matter about his father and if his father is a Kenyan National then that means he is not a Natural Born Citizen, despite what the obamabots say.
    Will we ever find out? Maybe, but Washington is too full of gansters within the obama adminstration and Congress is either full of corruption or they are just scared.

    • AFVET

      I tend to agree with you.
      All of this BC crap is designed to take our eye off the ball.
      The shell game that this administration is playing is working, or at least has been for over two years for those that are blind to the game.

      The BC means virtually nothing to me.
      His school records are what I want to see.


    Hey Roxy,…
    Visit Cheers and see Bob Macks link to a leatherneck that loves Allen West.
    You’ll be glad you did.

  • nooneofanyimport

    “I just don’t know what to think about this man – aside from knowing that he’s a Marxist.”

    Bingo. I don’t even worry about what he’s hiding, although I’ll admit to my suspicion: mostly he’s just hiding past evidence of his incompetence.

    I don’t care what he’s hiding. Even if it’s really bad, it doesn’t scare me.

    Here’s what scares me: enough people are dumb enough to not recognize Marxist thought when they hear it, and are dumb enough to elect him anyway.

    Obama doesn’t scare me. His voters do.

    • AFVET

      Well said.
      Ignorant voters can and will destroy this Country.
      The propaganda spewed on the controlled media is a much bigger threat to US than Obama.
      The very fact that he refuses to release his documents is indicative of the fact that he has to be hiding something.
      What that is,…we may never know.

  • bydesign001

    Happy Easter Roxy to you and your family. May the Heavenly Father blessed you all.

    I must tell you Roxy that you have once again hit the ball clear out of the field. I agree with all that you have said here.

    I had my suspicions when I first heard that Obama would be running for President. I had the same discussion countless of times with many American Blacks with southern backgrounds or from the south who were as up in arms as I was that the Democratic Party had decided on a KENYAN to be the first Black president, rather bi-racial president.

    Now how the heck is that for HYPOCRISY? By Election Day, they all folded like the darn sheep that they are which left me totally outraged.

    Should I call any of them to task for their betrayal which I often do, they’re excuse is “oh well yada, yada, yada.” Can’t stand the lame suckers. Shameful.

    In any event, I’ll give it a rest this one day. But TOMORROW…..

    Again, God bless you and your family Roxy.

    Peace and blessings,


  • Bob Mack

    Well, nobody wastes $2 million bucks for no reason whatsoever–and that’s what the Manchurian president has spent to conceal his records.

  • cali

    Another crime connected to BO: remember during the campaign when passport records were accessed? Well, the co happen to scrub BO’s passport clean was none other than Brennan, whiom BO apointed to his Security Counsel.
    A young LT Harris was assigned to this investigation. He was shot ppoint blank execution style in front of none other than Jeremiah Wrights church! Coincidence?

  • cali

    The biggest crime in all of this is that a patriot LTC Terry Lakin sits in Leavenworth, because he wanted to know whether Barack was a legit CINC.

    If BO were a natural born citizen, would he be so evil to send this man, who served as physician for over 25+ yrs in the Army, go to jail, doing hard labor? To proof what?

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