The mentally ill liberal

As I posted yesterday, an additional 150 people are now unemployed in Las Vegas, primarily because charitable donations are down. Those wealthy individuals and corporations no longer have the tax breaks and just like the rest of us, they are feeling the hit of this horrible economy we are in.

The statist’s answer to our problems is to tax the rich MORE. But it should be now proven to every one that it has a devastating effect on the economy and the employment sector. When Boyd Gaming or Harrah’s stop donating a wing or a floor to institutions like Nevada Cancer Institute or Adleson Hospice, people start losing jobs and no one is being hired.

The wealthy are the job creators. Why is that so hard to understand? And how many more episodes like this one, nationwide, do the statists need to create before they get it? The less money the rich spend – or have to spend – the fewer cabbies, cooks and hotel housekeepers there are; the fewer nurses, back office people, lab techs and administrative assistants facilities like NCI employ.

What I find amazing is that the wealthy liberal left and right coasters – the elite, the ruling class, the academicians, the Hollywood “stars” – want more taxes on profitable (or once profitable) corporations, while at the same time, they are spending less and less money themselves.

This is why I believe that liberals suffer from mental illness: they keep doing the same things over and over, they keep doggedly following the same failed philosophy and never learn that it’s just NOT working.


3 responses to “The mentally ill liberal

  • Conservatives on Fire

    “they keep doggedly following the same failed philosophy and never learn that it’s just NOT working.”

    But it is always a new and improved version of what didn’t work before. That is what Chavez keeps telling us down here.

  • roblorinov

    Amazing that this administration and Congress are so bent on taxing the rich more. And in their minds if you happen to be a small business owner then you are considered one of the “rich” even though you might have $2 to your name. The fact is that the rich pay taxes and pay MORE taxes than anyone else for that matter. That is because they are in a much higher tax bracket. Of course, as you say, this is absolutely devastating to the economy as it is the rich who have the capital to create jobs for the rest of us. So if the rich don’t have the money to create jobs then we all lose. Therefore taxing the rich more makes NO sense whatsoever! This is not rocket science to understand and you don’t have to have a Ph.D to comprehend it UNLESS you happen to be one of the Lie-berals who just don’t get anything and then even having a PhD wouldn’t really help.

    I fully agree with you. Liberalism IS a mental disorder! Einstein’s definition of insanity was doing the same thing over and over again while expecting different results. Sorry ain’t going to happen LOL. I’d say most lie-berals fit that definition perfectly.

    • roxannadanna

      Welcome here, Rob and thanks for posting. For everyone else, Rob has a terrific blog of his own and I encourage you to check it out!
      I agree – it’s not rocket science. It’s economics 101 and anyone can GET it! Anyone but these guys. they will not let go their failed ideology.

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