Nevada Cancer Institute lays off half its staff

150 more people in Las Vegas are now out of work at the center I go to twice a year.

Thankfully, my doctor is still employed and is in fact, now acting head.

NVCI has seen its financial situation deteriorate recently as the unprecedented economic decline and continuing changes in the health care industry strain revenue. The restructuring will help the institute bring costs more in line with revenue.  It also will reduce the institute’s reliance on large one-time gifts enjoyed during its start-up years – instead relying on a more sustainable level of philanthropy.

“This is a very different world than it was seven years ago,” said Heather Murren [co-founder of the Institute.] “With the economic environment that we’re in, with federal grant monies declining, and with economic growth being so stagnant, philanthropy has been affected. Pretty much our entire landscape has changed.”

Bottom line: donations are drying up.


One response to “Nevada Cancer Institute lays off half its staff

  • Conservatives on Fire

    Good catch! Reality has a way of sneaking-up on people and smacking them in the head. But don’t worry. Our government tells us that the economy is growing, that unemployment is down and, that inflation is negligible. In other words, all is well.

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