Some one put Harry in a home

Oh my God, Harry Reid really does appear to be losing his mind.

  • “Republicans don’t want women to have cancer screenings.” Of course Harry, Republicans want to kill everyone, including those women in their own party.
  • “All those folks that wanted to go on vacation, won’t be able to. Yellowstone will be closed.”  You’re right Harry, they can’t afford the GAS!!!!
  • “There is no federal money used for abortions.” Oh really? And who pays the rent and utilities on those Planned Parenthood clinics? Last I knew it was taxpayers.

And that was just as much as I could stand to watch.

It’s hard to believe that anyone buys his bullshit but obviously he won the last election, so someone in Nevada does. And do Americans understand that he is standing before them and telling them that the dems are holding up this bill because they are worried about cancer screenings? Seriously? Does anyone really believe this?

They are holding up this bill to make the Republicans look like the bad guys. Plain and simple. Schumer has said it. Pelosi has said it and Harry has said it – when he’s been in his right mind.  And guess what? It won’t sell and it won’t sell next year. They hold up this bill, that pays our soldiers through the year, they will pay politically for it next year – not the Republicans.

Cowboy poetry? There’s a political ad dying to be made…

6 responses to “Some one put Harry in a home

  • roxannadanna


  • roxannadanna

    A caller asked Rush and I’d like to ask Harry, with all this free health care that was passed and promised, why are they blaming the Republicans for preventing cancer screening?

  • Freedom, by the way

    AVET is right–only fools listen to the “Republicans hate old people, women, blacks, poor people, gays, children, insert-your-favorite-oppressed-group-here…” Unfortunately, there are millions of fools out there.

    • roxannadanna

      I know! isn’t that scary?

      I’m telling you – the sound bites I’m hearing that will make dynamite commercials next year are too numerous to count!


    Too bad this idiot is in there for another 6 years.
    Only fools take Reid’s and Pelosi’s rhetoric for fact.
    The most we can hope for is that they are reduced to insignificance after 2012.
    I hope the gubmit shuts down, maybe people will then realize how insignificant it is, and the ridiculous posturing by the libs for what it is also.
    I am glad conservatives hold the purse strings.
    They are the ones that pay our military, thank God.

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