Shut the Government Down?

UPDATE: It’s unanimous  – 4 of us voted (I think) and we all voted for a shut down.

Never done a poll before. This should be fun.

5 responses to “Shut the Government Down?

  • 1dragon

    Shut it down, and tell Obama no more vacations either.

  • loopyloo305

    Shut it down and save the money that would otherwise be spent. Too bad we can’t shut down Obama’s new vacation, too. He’s determined to break the bank.

    • roxannadanna

      Was I out of the loop and did everyone else know about this vacation he’s taking tomorrow??? I was stunned when I saw the Drudge headline just a bit ago! I cannot believe this guy is leaving town — AGAIN!!!! And bet your life he will not postpone this vacation because of a “distraction” like the budget!

      Hey loopy – welcome to my blog and thanks for posting!!! 😉

  • roxannadanna

    okay – we are at 100% to shut it down.

    Of course we have one vote and it’s mine.

    Wake up, you guys!!!!

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