What do you think of this? Love to read your comments if you have any.

This from HotAir.com

14 responses to “What do you think of this? Love to read your comments if you have any.

  • bydesign001

    Entertain me as I share with you my feelings as I watched these beta men run their game.

    I started with “are they for real?” which evolved into who do these guys think they’re gaming? Next emotion, “ugh!” Lol.

    At one point, I thought to myself “The women in NY will eat these guys alive” but then I remembered how many of them voted for Obummer.

    Towards the end, I realized that I could not stomach these guys for more than five minutes.

    Finally, “FREAKING WUSSES!”

    Thanks Roxy, good one.

  • Dena

    Thru all of this I sat here with my mouth hanging open, sometimes laughing out loud. Frankly, some of these guys gave me the impression that they just want to get laid. Desperately want to get laid. So they can experience their feminine side. OMG

  • Freedom, by the way

    Didn’t mean you were wasting my time, Roxy! It’s important to be reminded about the kinds of idiots reside out there. (And the scarey thought is that many of them probably vote–HORRORS!)

  • Freedom, by the way

    What a bunch of mamby pambies. What a total waste of time the making and the viewing of THAT was. I kept waiting for a punchline–like Bachman,Palin and Gloria Steinham to come riding up white horses.

  • cali

    I don’t want my man to become a pu**y, like these guys. There are plenty of these ‘feel good’ twits here in Cali.

    • roxannadanna

      LMAO!!!! this is exactly the kind of comment I was hoping for!

      could not have said it better, cali!

      • ceojuliej

        I thought this was amazing. I cried and released anger I have felt for me, my mother and her mother. It’s a video that I would never thought would ever be made. In the US where a female candidate “needs to be destroyed” by the media, just proves that these issues need to be addressed. In my eyes, these are the Real Men. I applaud their courage for as you can see by these comments, they are ridiculed for saying they are sorry. A GREAT video that brings about healing for both sexes.

        • roxannadanna

          thank you for this comment. will be back to it later on.

          • roxannadanna

            Sorry, I had grandma duties.
            As much fun as I’ve made of this video and believe me, there’s plenty to make fun of, you make a couple of really good points.
            I am very alarmed at the treatment of women in third world nations and especially sharia law in islamic nations. The honor killings, facial and genital mutilations of women appalls me and angers me and I’ve written several blogs on those topics. So mention of those things and rape in the video really does make valid points.
            The difference here is that those men in this video are speaking to WESTERN (and specifically, American) women where these things are NOT cultural or the norm and are ILLEGAL. And I can assure everyone that this video will not be seen by very many in the cultures where it could be helpful.
            The point that you make about treatment of conservative women is very valid. Again, I’ve written blogs about the way conservative women are portrayed by the media and the hollywood types. You’re right. Women are treated like, for lack of a better word, crap.
            But this video, taken in the whole, is really nothing more than new age BS — in my opinion. I don’t need a man to feel or act like a woman. mmmm that thought really does kinda repulse me.
            I’m really glad you posted and gave me another view of this and reason to think things through differently.
            Thank you again.

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