You know, you’re just too damned filthy and dangerous!

H/t to my fellow patriot and friend, Bob Mack for this.  It deserves a posting for everyone to read.

According to a new book, “The Healthy Home”, every single room in your home or apartment is lethal. You would be better off living in a tent in the woods somewhere as far as the authors are concerned.

Some of the ridicuous fears of new moms – that I’m living with now because my daughter’s a new mom –

  • you can’t lay your baby on it’s stomach for the first 6 months for fear he will die of SIDS.
  • do not shake the breast milk!!! although all of us know that cream DOES separate and raises to the top.
  • no food or water until he’s 6 months old. Only breast milk and formula  –  and only if absolutely necessary!

Easter baby bunny Alexander

I’m sure there are more but I can’t think of them all today. She’s been reading lots more than she needs to, if  you ask me.

But all in all, regardless of Nona’s influence, he’s a pretty healthy looking little bunny boy, isn’t he?





8 responses to “You know, you’re just too damned filthy and dangerous!

  • nooneofanyimport

    AWWWW thanks for sharing the picture. Look at those cheeks, just lookit em!

    Ugh, the stuff that they push nowawdays is enough to make any new mother doubt herself and feel crazy. Do this, but not that. He might die if you put him on his tummy! Ignore the fact that he sleeps for 4 hours on his tummy before a nighttime feeding, but sleeps only 1 hour when he’s on his back!

    Keeping him safe from that eensy weensy tiny statistical chance (which they can’t even scientifically explain the corralation btw) is more important than his rest, your rest, and your very sanity!

    Oh, you’ve touched on a real nerve of mine, Roxy. Being a parent in this day and age is SO difficult thanks to our Nanny Culture. Uh oh. You might be refueling me with rage. LOL

    Get your daughter (in law?) to check out the blog Free Range Kids, which is one in the sidebar of my blog. That mom provides an excellent bit of balance to the parenting lunacy that’s all the rage today.

    • roxannadanna

      I’ll check out that blog and forward to my daughter, too.

      I agree with you about the parenting lunacy LOL. Geeze, it seems like I’m doing something every day that she read someplace I should not be doing!

  • samhenry

    That kid with the ears has a familiar look about him – is he????? The post is so right. Hell, I even sleep with a dog. Am I going to burn in He…? I suppose so. You have to die of something.

  • Dena

    #1 – I’m a lousy housekeeper and I don’t care.
    #2 – One of my boys married a clean freak (love her anyway) and he’s been sick more in the 7 years they’ve been together than he ever was growing up.

    Conclusion: Clean Is Bad.


    Alexander,..lose the ears little guy !
    Roxy,.. great post !

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