A one woman anti-tax crusade

I quit smoking 4 days ago. I don’t want any kudos for that. It means nothing to anyone but me and my family. And this may not work. They say most people quit numerous times before they finally make it stick.

I tried a couple weeks ago and it didn’t work. I used the patch and the gum and they worked for a short time but when the directions say “don’t smoke with the patch on” they have good reason to say that. The patch stopped working for me after a few days. The gum is pretty worthless, too. Or let me say it’s as worthwhile as chewing any gum would be when you are trying to quit.

In 2006 when my brain tumor was found, everyone told me to quit smoking, like that would extend my life or something. My tumor is a chromosomal thing- it has nothing to do with whether I smoke or not.  So I decided that I’d smoke if I wanted to and leave me the hell alone about it. I’m sure not going to die from lung cancer.

Over the last year, I’ve been talking myself into quitting. That’s no easy task when you really enjoy smoking. You have to WANT  to quit for it to work and up until recently, I really didn’t want to quit. I enjoy a cigarette, especially after I eat. And I could find no good reason to quit, either, aside from the rising costs.

But I found a theme that works for me.

Some cigarettes cost nearly $8/pack (where I live) and a lot of that goes to taxes. A lot. Why should I pay anymore in taxes to this inept government? And I buy my cigarettes on the Indian Reservation where they are reeeealy cheap. I wish all smokers could either grow their own tobacco or just quit like me. If they stopped getting cigarette tax dollars, what the hell would they do? Oh… find something else to tax, I’m sure.

But, I’m making my little statement. If I can avoid paying taxes on just ONE thing, if I can screw this government in just ONE small way… it’s worth it!


For anyone who wants to know what has worked for me: I spent the money and bought the electronic cigarettes, like Rush uses.  (blucigs.com) They’ve worked better than anything I’ve tried. The patch works pretty well, as long as you follow the directions and not do what I did – do not smoke while you wear them.  Hard candy (like root beer barrels), suckers and any kind of gum, is helpful.

And as an aside: I know lots of people who used Chantix with good results. I can’t use it, however because of my brain tumor.


14 responses to “A one woman anti-tax crusade

  • nooneofanyimport

    Isn’t it weird, how they don’t want you to smoke, but if everyone quits, then they won’t have this revenue anymore!

    It’s like the gov’t is cutting off its nose to spite its face. Except I guess it can just grow another nose, by taxing car mileage (!!) or something.

    You should put aside the $$ you would normally spend on cigs each month, and buy yourself something nice at the end of the year.


    • roxannadanna

      You know, Lin, if they go through with this mileage tax thing… they will see a revolt like they never knew could happen. I don’t think Americans will sit by and let the government do this.

      It’s my plan to put that money away after this month. This month I paid for the patches and gum so there went any savings right now. But starting next month, there will be savings. 😉

  • Bob Mack

    It ain’t easy, ROXY. I smoked cigarettes for about 30 years, then quit in ’87. After 24 hours with no nicotine, my resting pulse rate dropped from 75 to 64. Started puffing a pipe (no inhalations)to ease the withdrawal, but still had cravings for cigarettes for a year. Once the cigarette addiction faded, I started on good cigars since I like a smoke after meals and with coffee. Now I control the habit instead of the habit controlling me. You’re right about the taxes. So-called “sin” taxes are blatantly discriminatory & should be unconstitutional. All politicians are basically a worthless bunch of thieves.

    • roxannadanna

      I’ve smoked for 37 years. And so far, this has been amazingly easier than I thought it would be. But the e-cigarette has helped a lot. Like you, I like to smoke after I eat and that’s going to continue to be the hardest part, I think.
      I wonder what people would think if I started puffing on a pipe? lol

  • Freedom, by the way

    A dear friend of mine quit smoking about two years ago and now she is addicted to Nicorrette(spelling). VA is still probably one of the cheapest places around–I think you can still get a carton for under $40, but that’s because the state of VA isn’t taxing the heck out of cigs like other states. Tobacco is still a cash crop here.

    • roxannadanna

      And I hate to see tobacco farmers injured by this too.

      I got my cigarettes for $23/carton at the reservation. I smoked a really really off the wall brand called Galaxy. They are 100% tobacco and 100% additive free. And I really believe that is part of why it’s been easier than I thought to quit: I’ve been smoking cigarettes with NO additives, so in my mind anyway, the addiction is much less.

      I’ll get addicted to my fake cigarettes LOL you just watch and see!!!

    • bydesign001

      $23 a carton is great. I have heard of Galaxy cigarettes but can’t remember from where.

      I worked with the chairman emeritus of Philip Morris years ago. You would have loved to know me back then. Every Friday PM used to give their employees a free carton of cigarettes until the New York Times did an expose accusing them of giving their employees cancer.
      (Can’t stand this pc stuff). In any event, I used to supply my family and friends.

      In any event, it is a person’s right to smoke if they want to smoke. None of us have the right to take that away from anyone.

      • roxannadanna

        It’s an adult choice and an adult activity. And you’re right, no one has the right to tell an adult what he can or cannot do with his own body or in his own home.

    • bydesign001

      Came through Virginia a couple of times on Greyhound. The bus makes several stops between VA and NYC, especially if you make the error of taking what I refer to as the local.

      Well, I could not help but notice at certain stops how some folks would run off the bus with their shopping bags. They were purchasing cartons of cigarettes. A carton of Marlboro reds are about $80.00 here in NYC. That is a disgrace.

  • bydesign001

    Oops, sorry about the way to go thing. You did say that you did not want any kudos, lol.

  • bydesign001

    Way to go Roxie. I, myself, am not a smoker. Several years ago, I developed a bad case of asthmatic and cannot take the smoke. My significant other smoked all his life and it became a problem once I developed the asthma.

    Finally, I gave him the alternative of quitting PERIOD. He did and did not speak to me for six weeks, lol. Nevertheless, I am breathing quite well now.

    When my son journeys through, he goes to the basement, stairwell or outside to smoke.

    As for the price of cigarettes, my neighbor smokes two packs of Marlboro a day and I think she’s nuts. In NYC, Marlboro’s are $12.00 a pack. That is insanity.

    • roxannadanna

      Good for you for never starting. I started when I was young and dumb and thought I’d live forever. I don’t smoke around Alexander, go outside or to the garage.

      But the price has just gotten so out of hand. The government is targeting one group of Americans and taxing just them. That in itself is unconstitutional. Add to it that smoking is basically an indefensible action and smokers have no rights. The majority of smokers (I read it’s about 75%) are lower income Americans – what about that pledge that TheOne would not tax anyone under some arbitrary number? He’s taxing the poor and did it within the first 6 months of his regime.

      Oh for cryin’ out loud — I could go on and on about this. The government makes me so damned mad!!!
      (edited because I’d probably offend someone and that is not my intent.)

    • bydesign001

      You are 100% correct Roxy. Most of the folks who smoke are indeed lower income Americans. Considering cigarettes are $12+ in NYC, I suspect that it’s a hard decision to make, i.e., cigarettes or food?

      I also agree and hate the idea that smokers have no rights.
      Michael Bloomberg has made it so that smokers cannot smoke anywhere in NYC. They just passed a law that it is illegal to smoke in the parks or at the beach.

      What kind of madness is that? Oh and to justify such legislation, Bloomberg says that he has no intention of enforcing such a low.

      Horse fodder!

      Since Bloomberg has been mayor, NYers have summonses for infractions that have been on the books for over 100 years but has never been enforced.

      The war against smokers never ends. It’s so bad now that landlords are putting no smoking clauses into their leases.

      Oh yes and about offending, no problem, FREEDOM OF SPEECH.

      • roxannadanna

        If this sticks and I actually do quit, I’ll never be one of those ex-smokers who make life hell for those who still do smoke. I understand the addiction and I won’t ever be a bitch about it. But there are so many who are turning smokers into criminals. They have no place to smoke and many are bringing cigarettes into the country from Canada. This is like prohibition all over again.
        And then to raise the prices so that the poorer among us can hardly afford them… this is really wrong. Especially when you have a president who vowed NOT to raise taxes on those same people.
        Not to mention that he is raising taxes on only ONE group of people and that is UNCONSTITUTIONAL. But how do you defend that when everyone knows that smoking is bad for you? It’s really an indefensible activity.

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