on Obama’s Barack-etology

Thanks to, this is good:

4 responses to “ on Obama’s Barack-etology

  • samiam60

    I can’t help but wonder what Obama is doing today. Maybe packing for his little trip to South America. Maybe he would like to be a dictator down there instead of China.

  • bydesign001

    Correction: Watching Glenn Beck, I totally blew the last sentence.

    What I meant to say was “Because when he is not doing his job that means that he is not screwing the country or shoving executive orders down our throats.”

    Whew, that’s better. Now back to Glenn Beck.

    • roxannadanna

      LOL too funny. I am crazy at multi-tasking too. I had Beck on, watching a Jack Cashill video online and listening to Sean Hannity too— and I do that by pausing one when a commercial break hits and doing the other until the next commercial break there… crazy huh? And confusing too!

  • bydesign001

    Good afternoon Roxy,

    The world is going to hell in a handbasket and all Obama can do is choose NCAA teams and golf.

    College basketball is not a diversion for Obama but an opportunity and excuse to keep the inept boob from doing his job which I guess we should all be thankful for. Because when he’s not doing his job that means he’s not screwing this us or shoving through executive orders.

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