NPR can’t do their 2-step spin fast enough

If you’ve been watching this story unfold on their website, it’s laughable.

The first headline basically said that Vivian Schiller resigned in the wake of this bad, bad O’Keefe sting. Now it says”NPR CEO Vivian Schiller Resigns After Board Decides She Should Go.” (Emphasis is mime.)

For the last 2 days, NPR has been trying to dance around this mess they’ve made for themselves and they can’t possibly keep up. Yesterday’s story about Ron Schiller (for the umptenth time – no relation to Vivian Schiller) and his bigoted remarks hit the air and blogosphere, and NPR couldn’t keep up with the spin. Today appears to be a repeat.

Update: yadda

Update: yadda yadda

Update: yadda yadda yadda

is all you see on this story via their webpage.

So count on this one thing: I’ll be back to

Upate: this story later today, myself


what a bunch of fools…..

6 responses to “NPR can’t do their 2-step spin fast enough


    It will be interesting to see how this unfolds.
    I listen to NPR,.. after all my tax dollars go to fund them.
    The list of liberal foundations that contribute to them is mind-boggling.
    Where we live, there are three stations within the reach of my radio, and one of the stations has another classical music function on another frequency.
    Except for the classical music, all three have virtually the same programming.
    Between them, they cover approximately 2/3 rds of the State of Ohio.
    NPR has reporters throughout the world.
    PBS has two channels on our TV, both affiliated with local colleges.

    Yes, congress should defund them entirely, and let them compete for the airwaves without using taxpayer dollars.

    I’ll bet Juan Williams is doing the fist pump and shouting YEAH !!
    As far as the hierarchy of NPR leaving, I think we will see many more tents folded in that camp.
    The easy money has been made.

    • roxannadanna

      I don’t listen to NPR – they make me mad most of the time. But I do watch PBS – Nova and Masterpiece Theater for sure. They have excellent shows and should have no problem holding their own in the free market, especially with benefactors like George Soros.

      Like you, I’m sick and tired of being maligned by these elites that are sooo much smarter than we are. If they really believe that, there are plenty of elite leftists in this country to pay for their cause. They really don’t need us stupid, rednecks in fly-over land, do they?

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