2 Ads you never saw and probably never will see on network tv

If these don’t give you pause to think – nothing will.

This new ad, which features a chilling look at one potential future scenario if America continues on its current destructive fiscal trajectory, is a 2010 homage to “The Deficit Trials,” a 1986 ad that was produced by W.R. Grace & Co.  For those who were able to view it, the ad caused a sensation; it was considered so controversial at the time that the networks refused to run it.

J. Peter Grace, CAGW’s co-founder and the chairman of President Ronald Reagan’s Private Sector Survey on Cost Control (the Grace Commission), was alarmed about what the debt would do to future generations.  The national debt was $2 trillion in 1986, when “The Deficit Trials” ad was denied broadcast time; today the debt stands at $14 trillion and is projected to reach 140 percent of GDP in two decades, the time in which the new CAGW ad is set. Citizens Against Government Waste

5 responses to “2 Ads you never saw and probably never will see on network tv

  • roxannadanna

    The ads really do speak for themselves: impactful and disturbing.
    I’ve seen the Chinese ad on Fox a couple of times and the other day I saw Frank Luntz talking about it. He said he showed it to a focus group of mixed political ideologies (Dems and Republicans) and when it was over the room went silent.
    Thanks for the h/t on your blog, Linda. I can use all the traffic I can get. LOL And I think these are ads that need to be seen. Even the one from 1986 is still relevant for us today.

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  • samiam60

    Roxy, those videos are powerful and this post needs to get tweeted often. Great, great post you have here. Today is going to be quite a day in America..ie Wisconsin.

  • Bob Mack

    Too bad we can’t start the trials tomorrow.

    • roxannadanna

      Indeed and start them in Wisconsin. I’ve been watching the protests on livestream tonight and that capitol building is a mess.

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