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Because often comments get lost or not noticed or read at all, I’m giving this particular comment a blog post of its own. I’ve only done that a couple times in the past because for one reason or another, I think they require attention. This is one of those times.

Mr. King writes that he feels ‘dispirited’ after reading so much misinformation and distortions on the web. I hope I have given him reason to feel differently.

Dear Roxannadanna,

I will start by saying: I won’t be snarky. I am the co-witer and co-creator of the episode in question. And I haven’t commented everywhere because virus-like this story has spread everywhere, and it’s very hard to chase down a viral confusion. It really lends some truth to the epigram: “a lie runs halfway around the world before the truth can get its shoes on.”

Having said that, I wish people would watch the episode in question. I know it seems like a lame justification, but the episode really is strangely a defense of Tea Party adherents. Most of the criticism of the episode has been taking the words of the obvious villain to be the meaning of the episode– when it’s actually the opposite.

Secondly, the “McVeigh” name given to the character played by Gary Cole is part of the point. In the 15th episode of the first year– an episode titled “Bang”– the character was introduced. And the liberal partner, Diane (as played by Christine Baranski) was prejudiced against McVeigh. The reason she was prejudiced was his name. So the name was the point. It’s not an attempt to sneak in some liberal propaganda (as I think some bloggers have suggested). It’s the point of the character. Diane judges a right-wing character based on his name, and then she, and the viewer, quickly realize he’s nothing like the character they expect.

It’s very hard to argue that now without seeming like an apologist. But look at the episode “Bang” from last year (you can find it on line) and then look at the episode “Silver Bullet” from this year. They are a defense of these character’s conservative values.

But anyway this has been an education for me– how the internet becomes a funhouse mirror of agendas and political opinions. It’s very dispiriting.

I hope you’ll give the show a chance. It’s not what you expect. Thank you.

–Robert King

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  • nooneofanyimport

    Well, okay. We jumped to conclusions regarding a character’s name on a show never seen, me recks. I appreciate the writer taking time to explain it, in a courteous fashion.

    I don’t, however, feel sorry for assuming that the “McVeigh” was a slam. I mean, Mr. King feels dispirited? The internet is a fun house mirror of agendas?

    I wonder, does he really understand what it’s like to have been a libertarian-oriented Christian and conservative the last coupla decades. Almost every teacher and then college professor you have looks down on your beliefs. They tell you things like, “Republicans hate women,” and “conservatives are stingy.”

    Virtually all of the popular culture that you enjoy, from movies to TV to major news networks to popular music, has a way of sneaking in insults, lies, and anti-right/Christian/etc messages in their products. You can’t even enjoy a live concert without the star shrieking some brainless anti-Bush or anti-Palin or whatevs to the audience.

    It doesn’t feel good, does it? When people assume the worst outta you, just because of your particular label? H’wood and the rest have been doing it to us conservatives for a long time. Frankly, the assumption that McVeigh was an insult is perfectly reasonable.

    If I don’t watch the show, it’s not personal. My priorities are such that I’m more interested in the real world, instead of being entertained. The limited “me” time I used to spend on TV is now spent on the internet or with books.

    Mr. King, we conservative bloggers have lived our whole lives in a fun house of left-oriented agendas. The internet has finally given us a little side exit so we can have a little info sharing and fellowship with one another.

    I am glad to learn the truth, even when that means I or some other conservative blog got something wrong. So I am glad Mr. King came by to set the record straight. It’s also heartening to realize that perhaps there are chinks in the usual H’wood narrative.

    It’s just . . . sigh. Try being called a racist idiot a few hundred times, and see what that does to you.

    • AFVET

      Import, it doesn’t affect them at all, it’s seems they have no soul.
      An enemy without a soul is an enemy indeed.
      BTW, well said, Erma. 🙂

    • roxannadanna

      I said the same thing as you, in a more abbreviated version in the original post about this show. We are so used to being abused and denigrated by the left media and entertainment industry that it’s come natural to expect it and a knee jerk reaction to lash back.
      But for my part, because this was my original post, I was wrong to not do better research on the topic and that blame lays with me. I should not have just believed the first 2 things I read as gospel. And honestly, if I don’t take the credit for being sloppy, who will find me credible in the future?

  • Robert King

    Dear Roxanna,

    Wow. Thank you. I don’t know what to say. I have been partially de-dispirited.

    I want to add, just so you don’t get the wrong idea of the show: I have always found some of the obvious liberal-agenda-pushing on TV bothersome not even because I disagree with it politically. But because I find it to be bad entertainment. It’s predictable. It feels like people of all stripes have all different opinions, and that entertainment is more… well entertaining when it reflects that. It’s more interesting when you can’t guess whether the next bad guy will be a liberal or a conservative. That’s all. What was frustrating about this episode is that the Tea Party conservative was the HERO, and yet the media was so used to thinking the opposite of TV writers that most people never even saw the episode and still trounced it.

    That’s all. Thank you for the soap box. And the lovely note. Now I should just go away because I have a script due. Take care,

    Robert King

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