Howard Dean raising a slush fund for the Wisconsin 14

Interesting story at the American Spectator. It seems that the Dean brothers (Howard and his brother Jim) have put together an organization to raise money for the support of the 14 Wisconsin democrats on the lam. And they’ve raised over $120,000. The money is being funneled into the Wisconsin State Senate Democratic Committee. Wisconsin law prohibits contributions of over $6000 in one calender year from any one organization or person, so the this violates that law by a large amount – well over $100,000.

Donations in the sum of at least $14, to support the 14 runaway politicians or as they call them- heroes, are being accepted at this website. “Please contribute $14 to the Wisconsin State Democratic Committee right now and tell these 14 Hero Democrats to stand strong…”

I’ve wondered how these guys were supporting themselves in Illionois and I knew that not one of them were staying at a Comfort Inn or Motel 6. Now I have an answer.

“Alas for the Wisconsin senators and their Dean Dollars, Governor Scott Walker is watching. So too their doubtless appalled Republican colleagues. Not to mention the horrified and mad as hell taxpayers of Wisconsin.

Did I leave out the entire nation?

Where are Wisconsin State Senate Democrats’ Dean Dollars going? And based on the reality that Wisconsin teachers and some doctors are seen lying… on camera!… who will believe the answer when it comes? From either the Deans or the missing state senators?”

“Thanks to the Deans and 14 AWOL Wisconsin Democrats in the State Senate — now flush with a slush fund of over a hundred grand — the idea of being a “public employee” and “teacher” will never be seen the same way again. Not to mention being a Democrat in the Wisconsin State Senate.”

It’s pathetic to me that the Deans can raise this kind of money in less than a week for these renegade, outlaw politicians but the American Spectator is trying to only raise $25,ooo to keep its website going and struggling at just over $6000, so far.

3 responses to “Howard Dean raising a slush fund for the Wisconsin 14

  • Betty Kerr

    This is not true. I am Wisconsin resident and I donated because, I support my Senator. Have you read this Bill????? Please tell me how the NO BID sale of public buildings is fiscally responsible. My bet is you won’t post this. I am a non-union, self-employed working person in WI. Not a plant, by some liberal bused in to protest. I drove 350 miles to Madison this weekend to show my support for the WI 14 and to let my legislators this Bill is fiscally irresponsible.

    Betty Kerr

    • roxannadanna

      It’s not true? And you have what proof of that?

      You bet I won’t print this? You lose- in more ways than one, doll.

      Will I post a follow-up response? Highly doubtful. I guess you don’t read because I’m not interested in posts from snarky, rude people. You made THAT grade. Had you started out in a civil, polite tone, we might have had a discussion.


    Howard Dean is an imbecile.
    I’m surprised he is still even ‘on the scene’.
    Anyone who gives him any credibility at all is a fool.
    Yeah,.. he can raise money.
    I used to put a nickel in a gum ball machine and got a gum ball.
    That was a much better return than the slush fund Dean is organizing.
    Dean has positioned himself as a white Jesse Jackson.
    Which brings the question, where does Dean get his money ?

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