CBS The Good Wife smears Palin and the Tea Party

You know, I don’t watch network tv.  Never. It’s a waste of time. But CBS has a show called The Good Wife which apparently has a strong political bent. Such a bent that they now have a character who is a Tea Party member named Kurt McVeigh.  And what images does that conjure up for you? What do you suppose is the message that these writers are trying to send?

I guess if Tea Partiers aren’t going to really bomb federal buildings and kill Americans in masse, then they will create the illusion for the American public of it happening.

According to this article at FoxNews, they have taken more than one jab at Sarah Palin and this is another – at her and at the Tea Party at large. As I write this I see that Megyn Kelly will be taking up this topic on her show today. I hope you watch.

It amazes me that people actually watch network television. By watching it, it’s being supported and shows like this are being supported also. I can’t picket CBS corporate headquarters, I live in Arizona and the only other way to send a message to the networks is by boycotts – something I don’t really like unless we are talking about The View. But somehow the message needs to get through to these Hollywood elites that America does not appreciate their vision of our citizens and our nation.

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  • Bob Mack

    Hi ROXY. Never let it be said, to paraphrase John Lennon, that I failed to give peace or network television a chance. I take Mr. King at his word, and I’ll watch the episodes in question.

    • roxannadanna

      I feel the same way Bob. I think we are so used to being bludgeoned by the leftist media and entertainment industry that we’ve developed a knee-jerk reaction to everything. We actually look for attacks and sometimes they aren’t there or they are not at all what we perceive. I also am guilty of taking something I read at face value without researching it better and then parroting what I read as gospel. That’s a mistake I’ll try not to make again.

  • Robert King

    Dear Roxannadanna,

    I will start by saying: I won’t be snarky. I am the co-witer and co-creator of the episode in question. And I haven’t commented everywhere because virus-like this story has spread everywhere, and it’s very hard to chase down a viral confusion. It really lends some truth to the epigram: “a lie runs halfway around the world before the truth can get its shoes on.”

    Having said that, I wish people would watch the episode in question. I know it seems like a lame justification, but the episode really is strangely a defense of Tea Party adherents. Most of the criticism of the episode has been taking the words of the obvious villain to be the meaning of the episode– when it’s actually the opposite.

    Secondly, the “McVeigh” name given to the character played by Gary Cole is part of the point. In the 15th episode of the first year– an episode titled “Bang”– the character was introduced. And the liberal partner, Diane (as played by Christine Baranski) was prejudiced against McVeigh. The reason she was prejudiced was his name. So the name was the point. It’s not an attempt to sneak in some liberal propaganda (as I think some bloggers have suggested). It’s the point of the character. Diane judges a right-wing character based on his name, and then she, and the viewer, quickly realize he’s nothing like the character they expect.

    It’s very hard to argue that now without seeming like an apologist. But look at the episode “Bang” from last year (you can find it on line) and then look at the episode “Silver Bullet” from this year. They are a defense of these character’s conservative values.

    But anyway this has been an education for me– how the internet becomes a funhouse mirror of agendas and political opinions. It’s very dispiriting.

    I hope you’ll give the show a chance. It’s not what you expect. Thank you.

    –Robert King

    • roxannadanna

      Thank you for your very informative and civil post. It’s a real honor to have gotten your attention.
      I would not be dispirited, though. Yes, there are agendas and of course, there are political opinions but there are places on the web where civil exchanges and persuasions do take place. I sure hope that mine is one of those places. (I admit to trashing some comments that are in opposition to mine but not for that reason. They get trashed because they are written by rude, snarky people.)
      If I’m in error or there’s another perspective, I’m big enough to pull up my panties and accept that. I will gladly take your advice and watch those episodes because if I learned nothing else from this little blog here – I was writing about something I’d done no research on. And that is my error.
      For that reason, you should not be dispirited.

  • David Forsmark

    It’s obvious you don’t watch TV. But here you are commenting on it. If you HAD watched it, you would know that the Tea Party member is the HERO OF THE SHOW, and he (and the Tea Party) were accused of being racist by the show’s BAD GUY, who was a radical lawyer bringing a bogus race-based lawsuit against the cops and the ballistic expert who is a Tea Party member.

    • roxannadanna

      Thanks for your perspective – as snarky as it is.

      I admire David Horowitz a lot. I link to his blogs from mine and refer to his writers blogs. But I can guarantee that because of your snotty response here, I will avoid ever reading your work there.

    • samhenry

      David you have a fine site and are a good writer and observer but YOU do not allow comments on your site. Fair?

      • roxannadanna

        😉 I don’t mind being corrected or being shown a different perspective, but not when it’s snarky. Don’t be snarky with me: your comment gets trashed or you get it back the same way. I expect snarky from leftists – not from people who share MOST of the same kinds of views I have.
        I kept his comment ONLY because of his link. It was informative and gave another view.
        Fair, SamHenry? LOL I think more so than he is.

  • nooneofanyimport

    Kurt McVeigh. These people are laughable. They actually think they will influence American sentiment with their not-so-coy little hints.

    Nobody’s even watching them anymore.

    Well, I’m sure not. I’ve never even heard of the Good Wife.

    • roxannadanna

      Regardless of what anyone says about CBS being “fair” to the Tea Party, what was the purpose of using that particular surname? What is their message, ultimately?
      I agree with you – it’s not-so-coy, is it?


    I don’t watch network TV either.
    These programs prey on the ignorant.
    The propaganda is rampant.
    They pound the small minded incessantly, and then shove them into the voters box.
    As Glenn says,’ we surround them’.
    Keep the faith Roxy.
    Let not your heart be troubled.
    They cannot silence Beck, Hannity, Limbaugh, or Levin.
    The conservative blogs that are proliferating out there are on fire.

    We the People have found our voices.
    The likes of Barry Soetoro cannot silence US.

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